Labour will be flattened in an election if you dither over Brexit, Labour grandee Alan Johnson tells Jeremy Corbyn

Labour will be flattened in an election if you dither over Brexit, Labour grandee Alan Johnson tells Jeremy Corbyn

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DITHERING Jeremy Corbyn was last night warned he will be “steamrollered” in an election after suggesting he will not pick a side in another EU referendum.

The Labour boss said he will negotiate a new deal and put it to another vote if he becomes PM.

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Jeremy Corbyn has been told he must pick a side on Brexit[/caption]

But he sparked fury after hinting he would refuse to back Leave or Remain.

In a TV interview, he said: “My job as Prime Minister would be to deliver the option chosen by the British people.”

Labour former Cabinet minister Alan Johnson said failure to chose a position would see Labour “slaughtered” at an election.

The Remainer said: “My main fear is Labour will be steamrollered by the two extremes if they’ve got this neither one thing or the other thing in the middle.

“If we go into the next election without Europe being sorted it’s going to be the most toxic, horrible, nasty and unpredictable election that probably we’ve ever had.

The Sun Says

AFTER months of agonising over Labour’s Brexit policy, Jeremy Corbyn finally arrives at this historic conclusion: “I don’t know.”

On the biggest issue facing Britain since World War Two, the man hoping to become Prime Minister has no opinion.

Corbyn has achieved what we believed impossible.

His new stance is even more laughable than last week’s, when he pledged to negotiate a “better” EU deal but campaign against it.

Now he would put his deal to a second referendum but express no preference between that and remaining in the EU.

He hasn’t a clue. He couldn’t say. It’s too hard.

The Leader of the Opposition’s mind is a blank — not for the first time.

He would merely “carry out whatever the people decide” . . . er, exactly as Boris Johnson would be doing NOW if Labour wasn’t blocking him.

Why does Corbyn, having failed to respect the first vote, imagine anyone trusts him to enact the result of a second?

The only certainty is that he WILL sell Leavers down the river, as The Sun predicted.

Corbyn’s “Leave” deal would keep us in the EU’s customs union, handing it control of our economy while surrendering all our political influence.

That’s the worst possible option. It’s not “leaving” at all. It’s Remain by another name. Corbyn is too dim to see it.

His second referendum would thus be “Remain minus” vs Remain — a farce, absurdly biased and totally illegitimate.

This coward, ditherer and fool could yet run the country, God help us.

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Labour grandee Alan Johnson warns Labour risk being slaughtered at the next general election if they dither on Brexit[/caption]

“I think we’ll get slaughtered, in the sense that you’d have to have a very large foot in the door to keep people on the doorstep long enough to explain it.”

Labour MP Kevin Barron, who wants to see Brexit delivered, told The Sun: “I think that’s an impossible position for any politician to be in. It is impossible to explain to voters.”

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