Distressing moment little autistic boy, 7, is frogmarched from school in HANDCUFFS over class meltdown after teachers called cops

Distressing moment little autistic boy, 7, is frogmarched from school in HANDCUFFS over class meltdown after teachers called cops

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A BOY aged seven with autism has been filmed being frogmarched away from school in handcuffs by cops.

The footage shows a crying and confused Samuel being taken to a squad car after what his mother said was an outburst involving a computer programme.

The seven-year-old being led to the police car in handcuffs

Maria Herrera Arias said the situation at Hirsch Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, escalated as a result of her son’s mood disorder.

“They’re treating him like a criminal, and he’s not. This is a 7-year-old kid,” Maria fold Fox News.

The video was taken by the youngster’s dad after the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) managed to get hold of him, she said.

School officials had tried to call her and her son’s father, but they had dialled the wrong number.

Arias said her son was diagnosed with Autism and a mood disorder when he was 5 and is still learning to calm himself down in situations like the one that he faced at school.

“Maybe something that’s not a big deal to everyone else, is a big deal to him. He doesn’t understand how to calm himself down from that.”

“This is a trip that could have been avoided. He didn’t have to sit in back of a patrol car, handcuffed like a criminal.”

Maris says she hopes others will learn from what happened to her son.

“There should be more resources within the school that say, hey, there’s someone on campuses that deals with children specifically with Autism,” she said.

SAISD hasn’t been confirmed the incident but it issued a statement saying it was necessary to restrain the boy.

“There are times when children are in crisis, hurting themselves, and need emergency detention – and handcuffing is part of the process, to keep the child safe,” said spokesperson Leslie Price

“When this happens, they are taken to a hospital for medical attention.”

Maria Herrera Arias says her son is still learning to control his outbursts
The school insist he had to be restrained in order to stop him harming himself

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