A Confession killer Christopher Halliwell linked to four more unsolved murders after witness ‘saw van like his at scene’

A Confession killer Christopher Halliwell linked to four more unsolved murders after witness ‘saw van like his at scene’

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A CONFESSION taxi killer Christopher Halliwell could be behind four more gruesome unsolved murders, reports claim.

Halliwell is currently serving life in jail for killing Sian O’Callaghan, 22, and Becky ­Godden, 20.

Sick cabbie Christopher Halliwell is serving life for murdering two women
SWNS:South West News Service

But a secret trophy store of 60 items of women’s clothing suggests dozens more victims may have been raped or killed by him.

It is now claimed Halliwell could be behind four more unsolved murders after a witness saw a van similar to his at the scene of Julie Finley’s grisly killing.

The 23-year-old was dumped naked in a field in Rainford, Lancs after being snatched from Liverpool on August 4, 1994.

A witness told The Mirror that Halliwell was staying in Aughton – four miles from the killing – at the time where he worked as a window cleaner.

He also said the monster owned a 1986, D reg white Ford Transit van that was similar to one spotted near the scene.


Former murder detective Peter Kirkham told the newspaper: “When you have got the modus operandi and the suggestion he was living in the area at the time, it makes it something the police should firm up.

“It’s worth Merseyside police having a good look at, and if those things are correct, setting up a cold case investigation.”

Sian and Becky’s brutal murders are both currently being explored in ITV drama A Confession starring Martin Freeman and Joe Absolom.

The items of women’s clothing unearthed by police after Halliwell took them to Sian’s body in 2011 led cops to believe he had killed dozens more women.

Only two of the items have ever been identified – a cardigan worn by Becky, who disappeared in Swindon in 2003.

And a high-heeled boot Sian was wearing before she was abducted on her way home from a nightclub in the town in 2011.

Both Becky and Sian were dumped in different areas to where they were picked up by Halliwell – with three unsolved murders bearing chilling similarities.


According to the newspaper, one such case is Carol Clark, 23, who disappeared from the red light district in Bristol in 2003.

She was strangled and her neck snapped before being dumped 30 miles away partially clothed on the bank of a canal two days later.

At the time, Halliwell was a narrow boat enthusiast and knew the canals in the area well.

Carol’s family have now urged cops to into “similarities” between her death and Halliwell’s murders after watching the ITV show.

Another cold case that bears the unsettling hallmarks of one of Halliwell’s killings is the murder of mum-of-three Linda Guest, who was abducted then dumped in Frampton Cotterell, Glos, in 1985.

While sex worker Yvonne Fitt was abducted from a red light district in Leeds in January 1962, with her body later found in a shallow grave in Bradford.

Halliwell’s dad lived 15 miles away from the scene and it is understood his son was a customer at some of the red light areas where murder victims were found.


Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher, who features in A Confession, said in 2017 Halliwell could be one of Britain’s worst serial ­killers.

He added: “Are you seriously telling me that on two occasions he brutally murdered two women – and then there’s nothing before or since?”

Sian was killed just two minutes after she got into Halliwell’s cab in Swindon on March 19, 2011. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed.

Having guided cops to the remote spot where he had dumped her body, Halliwell suddenly confessed: “I’m a sick f***er. I need help. Do you want another one?”

The fiend then revealed where cops could find the body of Becky Godden — who police did not even know was missing at the time.

The other unsolved murders Halliwell has been linked to

SOME killings are linked by the date March 19 — a day on which Halliwell was once dumped by a girlfriend in the 1980s and also the date Sian was killed.

Linda Razzell, 41, disappeared in Swindon on March 19, 2002. Her husband Glyn has spent 13 years in jail for her murder but maintains his innocence.

It has emerged Halliwell was obsessed with Linda after doing building work at the Razzells’ home four years before she died.

Halliwell’s father lived a few streets from the home of chef Claudia ­Lawrence, who has been missing since March 19, 2009.

Another potential victim is prostitute Sally Ann John, 24, who vanished from Swindon in 1995. She and Halliwell lived on the same street.

The disappearances of Tina Pryer, 39, Thi Hai Nguyen, 20, and Sandra Brewin, 21, have also been linked to the killer.

DS Fulcher’s decision to break police guidelines and drive Halliwell to where he thought Sian might be found alive, instead of taking him to the police station for a formal interview, was to cost him his job.

Haliwell was jailed for life in 2012 for Sian’s murder but it was ruled that the confession he gave about where Becky was buried could not be used in court.

It took four more years of campaigning for it to be allowed, and Halliwell was convicted of killing Becky and burying her body in a field at Eastleach, Gloucs. He was given a whole-life jail tariff.

DS Fulcher was found guilty of gross misconduct by the ­Independent Police Complaints Commission and lost his police pension worth £500,00o.

He said previously: “If I had taken Halliwell into custody we would never have found Sian and obviously we would never have heard of his other victim Becky Godden.

“There is another comfort, too. If the evidence in the trophy store suggests a truth that still lies hidden, then Halliwell had a prolific propensity to murder — perhaps as often as once or twice a year — so lives were saved after his arrest.”

A witness believes Halliwell could be behind Julie Finley’s murder
Merseyside Police/PA
Yvonne Fitt was killed just 15 miles from Halliwell’s dad’s house
Carol Clark was killed and dumped in a canal in Bristol
Linda Guest was found half-naked in a pool of blood on a footpath in 1985
Sian was just 22 when she was snatched and murdered on her way home from a night out by Halliwell
PA:Press Association
The killer led cops to Becky Godden’s body
PA:Press Association

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