Vile mum loses custody of toddler son after forcing him to drink shots of booze in sick video filmed by her other daughter

Vile mum loses custody of toddler son after forcing him to drink shots of booze in sick video filmed by her other daughter

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A MUM has lost custody of her son after she was filmed forcing him to drink shots of booze in a video filmed by her daughter.

The youngster was removed by child protection officials in Oklahoma after they were alerted to the Snapchat video and cops say they are also investigating.

The woman pouring out a a shot of booze for her son
The woman then puts a cap full of booze to his mouth

In the footage, the boy brings a bottle of what appears to be liquor to his mother and she asks: “You want a drink?”

She then gives him two shots from the cap while one of the boy’s siblings, who appears to be filming, says: “Mom don’t do it!”

The girl continues to film the incident and can be heard crowing: “That’s my brother, that’s my dude right there, oh hell yeah!”

The woman told News4 at a court hearing on Monday she only pretended to give the child alcohol.

“Never been without him a day in his life,” she said.

“Yes, it was bad judgement on my part to even act like I gave him alcohol, but I swear there was none in the cap.”

In an earlier Facebook post, the woman reportedly wrote: “I didn’t know I was being videoed, but even so what’s the difference in giving your child cough syrup or rinsing their pacifier off with the beer you’re drinking.”

Payne County Sheriff Kevin Woodward said a criminal investigation was underway.

Earlier this year an eight-month-old boy in Russia died after his mum fed him vodka so he slept during the holiday period.

Nadezhda Yarych allegedly gave her baby son Zakhar the booze so he did not bother her celebrations.

In 2017 a Missouri was found guilty of intentionally poisoning her nine-year-old son by secretly feeding him a cocktail of prescription drugs which left him gravely ill for nearly a year.

Rachel Kinsella, 36, fed her little boy so many drugs he ended up spending nearly six months in hospital, had more than 10 blood plasma transfusions and six surgeries, a court heard.

The youngster bringing the bottle to his mum

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