Simon Cowell caught lying THREE times as lie detector says he’s been fibbing about his age

Simon Cowell caught lying THREE times as lie detector says he’s been fibbing about his age

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SIMON Cowell was caught lying three times after being hooked up to a lie detector – where he made a string of shocking confessions.

The 59-year-old Britain’s Got Talent star was given a series of tricky questions to answer on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show while connected to a Jeremy Kyle-style machine.

Simon had to answer a series of difficult questions truthfully

The first was: “Do you think looks are more important than personality?” to which he laughed before replying: “Oh God. No.”

However, the machine instantly branded his answer a lie as Simon chuckled: “This is brilliant.”

Second, Ellen asked him: “Would you ever blame an employee for a mistake you made?” with Simon replying: “Yes.”

The lie detector then confirmed the X Factor mogul was telling the truth.

He took a lie detector on The Ellen Show yesterday
The Britain’s Got Talent judge was delighted with some of his results

Next, the 61-year-old host asked: “Do you think anyone in this room has a crush on you?” with Simon answering: “Yes.”

Again, it confirmed he was telling the truth – though the machine didn’t elaborate on who that person might be.

Ellen then asked: “Do you ever pretend to be sick to get out of any plans?” which Simon gave an honest “yes”.

After that was confirmed to be true, she asked him: “Do you think that you’re the smartest person in this room?”

Ellen was asking the questions as Simon squirmed
The star was baffled by some of the machine’s verdicts

Looking around, Simon replied: “No” – but the machine insisted he was lying.

However, when the host enquired whether he was a good kisser, Simon replied that he was – and the machine agreed, leaving him applauding himself.

Next, Ellen asked: “Do you ever lie about your age?” to which he said: “Not any more.” But the machine busted that as a lie.

Finally, she said: “Are you always an honest person?” and when he said: “No” the lie detector agreed.

Simon appeared on Ellen ahead of the series finale of America’s Got Talent, which airs in two parts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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