Molly-Mae finally hits back at Love Island co-stars over feud and says ‘I’m not nasty – we just weren’t friends!’

Molly-Mae finally hits back at Love Island co-stars over feud and says ‘I’m not nasty – we just weren’t friends!’

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MOLLY-MAE Hague has finally hit back at her Love Island co-stars and denied claims that she is feuding with them.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online’s Big Interview, the 20-year-old also revealed all on moving in with boyfriend Tommy Fury, finally meeting his famous brother Tyson, and how she is thrilled to finally be proving the haters wrong.

Molly-Mae has teamed up with Beauty Works for a new hair partnership
Beauty Works

Earlier this month, Yewande Biala and Anna Vakili took to Instagram to reveal that Molly had snubbed Yewande from the guestlist for her PrettyLittleThing launch party – despite inviting Anna’s sister Mandi.

The blonde beauty faced fierce backlash at the time, but Molly has now revealed that she was shocked Yewande had been so upset by the situation as admitted that they have never been friends.

Molly-Mae explained: “At the end of the day, I invited people to the party that I was really close with in the villa, it was nothing against Yewande – I think she is a great girl.

“I wasn’t close to Yewande and she would admit that herself, it would be wrong for her to say that we we were because we barely spoke, we weren’t in the same group.

Molly admitted that she isn’t close to every former Islander – but hit back at feud rumours
Rex Features

“Her, Anna and Amber were very close and that is just how it was, it was never out of malice that I didn’t invite her.

“Me and Maura were so close in the villa and we barely have time to speak since coming out, so people like Yewande, who I wasn’t even close with… It’s not something that you would really prioritise and it’s like that with a lot of people since coming out of the villa, there’s a lot of people I don’t speak to.”

The star added: “I definitely don’t want Yewande to think anything was nasty from me on that point because it wasn’t, and I was upset to see that she was a bit upset by it, I didn’t think that she would be.”

Yewande and Anna hit out at Molly on Instagram earlier this month

When asked whether she had reached out to apologise to Yewande for the misunderstanding, Molly said: “I didn’t reach out, I think she knows there was nothing nasty from me.

“She wasn’t in the villa long, we didn’t spend much time together, we didn’t speak since coming out of the villa… I didn’t feel like I needed to.”

Going on to explain why Anna’s sister Mandi got an invite to the swanky bash, Molly continued: “Everybody was asking why did I not invite Yewande but invited Anna’s sister, but I know that Anna and Mandi go everywhere together.

“I said obviously if you are coming and you want to bring your sister, that’s fine – bring her.”

Anna’s sister Mandi was invited to the bash – but not Yewande
Splash News

Yewande is far from the only Islander that Molly has been accused of feuding with since Love Island ended in July, with the influencer also said to be rowing with Lucie Donlan, Belle Hassan, and Anton Danyluk – who she famously clashed with live on Aftersun: The Reunion.

But Molly insisted that she has no bad feeling towards any of her fellow Love Island alumni, hitting out: “I am the least argumentative person on the planet, all the feuds are absolute rubbish.

“I have not had one argument with anyone since leaving Love Island, everybody has been great.

“I am still friends with everyone, I am still supportive of everyone, we will always back each other 100%.”

Molly told us that she barely has time to catch up with her villa best pal Maura
Splash News

Since finishing in second place on the ITV2 dating show, Molly’s career has flourished – even jetting to New York Fashion Week and rubbing shoulders with Paris Hilton after she landed a £500,000 deal with a clothing brand.

After a whirlwind few weeks, she jetted to Las Vegas with Tommy, 20, where she finally met his brother Tyson as they supported him in a fight.

Shortly after the initial meeting, a photograph circulated online of Molly-Mae looking terrified of the heavyweight champ – a snap that the star told us she is “embarrassed” of as she insisted that Tyson is now her “family”.

She giggled: “Everyone was saying I am frightened of him because there was this photo of me and it is so embarrassing – he is absolutely lovely, we had a great conversation.

Molly was ’embarrassed’ by this picture of her meeting Tyson
Splash News

“He is Tommy’s brother, I have nothing to be afraid of. Tyson was lovely, his whole family are lovely.

“He is a completely normal person – he is Tommy’s half-brother at the end of the day, he is family and I am in that family now, so he is just someone that I spend time with now – it’s not anyone I need to be frightened of!”

Molly added: “Tommy’s family are so, so nice – they have really welcomed me in.”

And Molly’s close relationship with the hunk’s nearest and dearest further cements the strength of their relationship, with the pair officially moving in together earlier this month.

Molly and Tommy’s romance is going from strength to strength
Splash News

After Tommy moved into his girlfriend’s tiny Manchester flat once Love Island ended, the two decided to take their romance to the next level and rent a bigger place together – even though Molly had previously vowed to never move in with somebody that she met on the dating show.

She said: “Before I went into Love Island I said to my mum that the one thing I won’t do when I come out of that show is move in with anyone I meet in there, because it always messes people up.

“But when something feels so right… I wouldn’t have done it if I was scared of me and Tommy ending, or if I felt it was too soon and we were rushing it.

“It just felt like completely the right move, we have only been there one night but it already feels so right, just being in there and walking around the apartment feels like home. It’s a really nice feeling.”

The two have moved in together
Splash News

Molly also revealed that she and Tommy have a unique way of looking at their relationship, which could be the secret to its success.

She told us that they don’t count their time in the villa together as part of their romance – because it doesn’t compare to the real world.

She explained: “Tommy and I always say we don’t count our relationship in the villa, we count it from when we have been out because that’s not real life.

“The villa is not the real world, you can’t have a real relationship in there and that is what you have been shown by all the people who have broken up.

The pair don’t consider their time in Love Island part of their relationship

“In the villa it is very easy to fall in love, the real test and the real relationship, and how long you have been with that person is when you are out of the villa.

“We haven’t had one bicker since being out of the villa or even a raised voice, he’s the perfect boyfriend – there’s not one thing I could ask more of him.”

And although Molly has been left saddened by the relationship breakdowns of the other Love Island couples, telling us that she “didn’t at all expect” Amber and Greg’s shock split, the star admitted that she is pleased she and Tommy have been able to prove to the cynics that their love is real.

Cynical viewers questioned how genuine Molly and Tommy’s relationship was
Rex Features

She said: “It is funny because everybody thought we were the most questionable couple on whether we were real or not, and now we are going stronger than ever and I think everyone is seeing that now.

“I see tweets saying: ‘Isn’t it funny we doubted Molly and Tommy but they are the ones still together’, and it is so nice to see because when I come out and saw all those horrible tweets it was frustrating.

“I knew they’d all get proven wrong soon anyway, it was just a matter of time before people realise we are completely real.”

One of the cruellest taunts that Molly faced from trolls was claims that she was only with Tommy to win the cash prize, with some viewers even giving her the nickname ‘Money-Mae’.

Rex Features

Molly was cruelly trolled by Love Island fans[/caption]

Molly laughed at the irony of the jibe as she told us that she has turned down big-money offers with brands in a bid to make sure that she remains “organic” for her fans.

She shared: “I have literally worked with two brands since coming out of the villa, I am so big on organic content. You will never, ever go on my Instagram and see a post about something I don’t 100% believe in.

“I know that sounds cliche but people will post skin products and cleansing gloves that are a load of rubbish and you will never catch me doing that.

“We have turned down a lot of work, I want to keep myself completely exclusive and just show my followers exactly what I use.

“I think Money-Mae is bloody hilarious, it was a bit ironic – I could be taking more money but I wouldn’t be making organic moves.

The star laughed at her Money-Mae nickname as she revealed she has turned down mega money deals
Splash News

“It was mad everyone calling me Money-Mae, I literally don’t get it – it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Proving that she is keen to keep things “organic,” Molly has teamed up with Beauty Works for her first beauty collaboration, a brand that she has been using for over two years.

This was the brand that Molly used for her Love Island villa extensions, which won praise from viewers and her fellow Islanders, and she has now launched an exclusive Curl Kit to let fans achieve her iconic bouncy curls – including a Professional Styler wand and vegan bristle brush.

Molly is launching an exclusive Curl Kit to help fans achieve her stunning look
Beauty Works

Speaking about the partnership, Molly told us: “I do a lot of my own hair stuff, which is what this is about – I am revealing my secrets.

“When I came out of the villa, nobody knew I was wearing extensions – even the girls in the villa were asking me what extensions I was wearing because they were so good.

“I use all Beauty Works products, I was in there for two months and it really stood the test, it proved it is incredible hair.”

Discussing the curling wand, she added: “It’s exactly what I use for my big bouncy curls, there will be tutorials and videos to show how I use it.

Molly’s hair was the envy of Love Island viewers
Beauty Works

“The wand is really good for extensions and super long hair like mine, it’s really great.

“This has always been something that I have had in mind that I wanted to do before I even went into the villa, my curls have always been my thing.

“I am good at doing my own hair, this is really truthful, I rarely have a hairstylist. I do it all myself and do not leave on a trip without my wand ever, it is my holy grail – I would take that over my make-up bag any day.”

Molly-Mae’s Beauty Works Curl Kit launches on 3rd October.

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