If Brexit is foiled by unelected judges our democracy will be crippled

If Brexit is foiled by unelected judges our democracy will be crippled

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SO, Brexit is now in the hands of 11 unelected judges in the Supreme Court, all of them pretty much Remainers.

We should find out what their royal holinesses, or whatever the hell you’re meant to call them, decide by Monday. I wouldn’t be too hopeful, frankly.

2019 Martyn Wheatley / i-Images

Brexit is in the hands of unelected and Remainer judges in the Supreme Court[/caption]

Since we voted to leave the European Union the provisional wing of the Remain movement has used every undemocratic trick in the book to stop it happening.

First they used unelected judges to ensure Parliament has the final say on whether we Leave or not, rather than you. They’ve also used the unelected House of Lords to try to block Brexit.

And they have now dragged the Government into court three times — all to thwart a decision you made, in good faith, believing it would be seen through, back in June 2016.

Now we have an independent judiciary. Everyone is very proud of that.

Our courts are separate from the Government and that is as it should be.

We are also not meant to criticise our judges, although that never stopped the liberal lefties when they were moaning about judges making rotten decisions.

Indeed, liberal-lefty Remoaners have some very strange allies these days.

The Remain movement has used every undemocratic trick in the book to stop Brexit happening

Unelected, public-school educated judges. Former Conservative Prime Ministers, such as the hopeless John Major. And the Speaker of the House of Commons, another Conservative, John Bercow. Oh, and the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

They’ve suddenly decided they love them, too.

But while our judges may well be independent from the Government and party allegiance (up to a point), it does not mean they are not biased. Like all of us, they have political views. And it is ludicrous to suggest those views never intrude into the decisions they make.

Of course they do. All the time, I would suggest.

The case currently being heard charges the Prime Minister with lying to the Queen about the suspension of Parliament. If these judges decided everything purely on a matter of law, then two separate courts — within weeks of each other — wouldn’t have come to completely opposite views about the case.

Our High Court decided it was all a political matter and not for judges to intervene. The Scottish judges decided otherwise. So now the whole thing rests with those 11 eminent “justices” in the Supreme Court.


Right from day one, the Battle for Brexit has been between the people and the liberal, pro-Remain establishment. By “establishment”, I mean the BBC, for example — massively in favour of Remain.

Also big business, the House of Commons (more than six to one in favour of Remain), the universities (93 per cent in favour of Remain) and, of course, judges and the courts — pro-Remain by an estimated 90 per cent.

It has always been an uneven battle. It has always been a battle the people were going to lose, I fear to say. As I wrote here once before — peasants’ revolts rarely work out well here for the peasants.

If the judges rule against Boris Johnson, it will be just about the final nail in Brexit’s coffin. And if that is the case, who of us will go to the polling booths in future believing our views will be respected?

It would be a crippling blow not just for Brexit, but for our democracy.

Bono’s not so hindU2

U2, the world’s most pompous rock band, have announced their first gig in India, this December.

You might have thought the poor bloody Indians had enough on their plates without Bono paying them a visit.

Getty Images – Getty

Bono says he feels empathy with the Indians because he is Irish[/caption]

Anyway, Bono says he feels empathy with them because he is Irish. And like Indians, the Irish had suffered from Bruttish Uppression.

Listen, you grand- standing, virtue-signalling dingbat. Just play your awful songs and get out of town. Then go count your money in your low-tax overseas bank account.

Spare us all the politicising.

And that boring song, the one where you keep complaining that you still haven’t found what you’re looking for? It’s in the garage, behind the lawnmower.

Keep meeting useless EU leaders, BoJo

BORIS Johnson should keep meeting the leaders of EU countries, especially the most useless of them.

Such as Xavier Bettel, from the wholly pointless country of Luxembourg, a place the size of Wiltshire.


Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettle’s insulting stunt boosts our determination to leave the EU[/caption]

Bettel – another pompous, jumped-up little puffin – was rude and spiteful to our Prime Minister.

And every time something like that happens, back home our determination to get the hell out of this woeful organisation strengthens.

You're spot on Mr Mayor

POLITICAL hero of the week is the mayor of a very small Belgian coastal town, Middelkerke.

That gargantuan oaf Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, had just returned from a visit to Belgium. He complained that towns in the Flemish part of the country weren’t keen on French speakers. (Quite rightly, really.) He said he’d ordered a steak in French and they refused to understand him.

Cue local mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker: “I think Juncker was drunk when he came here and ordered his steak. He was probably unintelligible to the shopkeeper.”

Sounds about right. Well said, mate.

Is ‘Randy Tandy’ a stud?

HERE’S one for the ladies to ponder.

A bloke called Stuart Tandy may be about to lose his job at a college in Wales. He’s been accused of bullying. And making misogynistic comments.

Wales News Service

Stuart Tandy may lose his job over misogynistic comments[/caption]

For example, he was apparently in the habit of telling female colleagues that he was an “awesome shag”.

Now, above is a picture of Stuart.

You tell me where on the Sexual Intercourse Scale of Awesomeness, you reckon he probably resides?

I mean, girls, would you?

Only here for a couple of days

THE German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, visited Poland earlier this month. I can exclusively reveal the following conversation took place at the Polish immigration desk:


“Angela Merkel.”




“Nein, I’m only here for a couple of days.”

That’s for Scher!

JUST when you thought things couldn’t get much grimmer, The Pussycat Dolls announce they are making a comeback.

It’s more than a decade since we had to listen to their illiterate gibberish.

Getty – Contributor

Nicole Scherzinger and her band The Pussycat Dolls will be touring again next year[/caption]

Someone has bunged leader Nicole Scherzinger a few million. (And probably given the rest of them £10 book vouchers for WH Smith.)

Other than Scherzinger, none of the rest have done much to write home about. And they all seem to resent her for it. Anyway, world tour coming up next year.

Hurry, hurry, etc.

Our middle-class twits

MODERN English families – don’t you just love em?

Chanti Annette Humphrey and Jake England-Johns have vowed to keep 14-month-old Anoushs gender a secret
Jake England-Johns and his ludicrous partner Hobbit Humphrey won’t reveal their baby’s gender

Take Matt Allen, his missus Adele and their three children.

Matt won’t get a full-time job because it would not fit right with his psyche, he says.

The kids are allowed to do what they want, whenever they want.

I wonder what the cost of this smug, bearded, middle-class layabout is to society now – and what it will be when his brats are grown up and running wild?

Or how about Jake England-Johns and his ludicrous partner Hobbit Humphrey? They’re not revealing the gender of their baby to anyone so as not to gender stereotype it.


The end of the UK and other Remainer lies

BREXIT will mean the break-up of the UK, the deranged Remainers keep telling us.

The Scots will have another referendum and this time vote to escape from the UK.

Well, we’re about as close to Brexit as we’ll ever be. And the latest opinion poll from north of the border?

The lowest number in favour of independence since Robert the Bruce was talking to spiders 700 years ago.

Fewer than one in three now want to leave the UK. Another Remainer lie.

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