Furious dad shares shocking video of his distressed autistic son, 11, HANDCUFFED in a cop car after he had a meltdown at school

Furious dad shares shocking video of his distressed autistic son, 11, HANDCUFFED in a cop car after he had a meltdown at school

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A FURIOUS dad has shared a distressing video of his autistic son being handcuffed in a police car after he had a meltdown at school.

Trevor Hibbert said Abraham, 11, has had three similar episodes at Endeavour Middle School, California, and they were solved when staff give Abraham space and time to calm down.

Abraham Hibbert, 11, was visibly distressed as he ran away from school, having been restrained by a teacher, and was then arrested by police


Abraham has severe autism, and his father Trevor was horrified to learn that his teachers let him escape[/caption]

On one incident Abraham was strapped to a gurney and taken to a psychiatric hospital.

But on Monday, Abraham ran away from school after he kicked a member of staff because he was restraining him.

Trevor told ABC7 that when his son is restrained, it makes him want to escape.

And he said teachers let him “walk off” before they called the police to help track him down.

Trevor said: “What would have happened to my little boy if before the police got there, in a melt-down state, he’d step in the wrong place or walked into the street and been hit by a car?”

While he did thank officers for ensuring his son was safe and calm, Trevor blasted the school on Facebook.

He wrote: “This is what happens to an 11 year old, special needs, severely autistic child when he has a meltdown and is able to walk off the Lancaster School District, Endeavor Middle School “secure” campus.”

Trevor believes the school has damaged Abraham’s development, setting back “years of progress”.

He added on his post: “Well done Principal Arnold-Dehay. The damage you have done to my son and the progress years that has been setback are irreparable.

“And now a lawsuit isn’t enough. You and your staff did this. Now, by God Almighty if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to make you and the district famous for it.”

Trevor blames the school because they have not followed an individualised education programme that the district had in place for Abraham, because of his severe autism.

The school is required to have a trained personal aide for Abraham, but on Monday, he believes the staff member was replaced by a non-trained school employee.”

A statement released by the Lancaster School District superintendent said:

“While we cannot comment on all of the details of this child’s services, we all agree that the incident that occurred yesterday is highly regrettable for everyone involved and we will continue to work with the family to support this child.”

Abraham has been suspended from school since Tuesday. Trevor has hired a lawyer.


Trevor Higgins was horrified that Abraham’s school let him escape, before police could find him[/caption]

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