Drivers stunned as naked exerciser does lunges and squats on footbridge over a busy road

Drivers stunned as naked exerciser does lunges and squats on footbridge over a busy road

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DRIVERS were left stunned when they spotted a man doing squats on a busy footbridge – while completely naked.

The health freak decided to have a cheeky work out session in Burton, Derbys, at around 1pm today.

A naked man was snapped doing squats on a bridge in Derbyshire
BPM Media

Despite his privates being on display to dozens of motorists and locals, the naturist seemed to determined to get buff while in the buff with a mix of squats and lunges.

Barmy snaps also show him appearing to pose for a selfie – while wearing just black socks and trainers.

One witness, who was waiting for a bus, told Derbyshire Live: “It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. He was there for a good couple of minutes just doing squats on the bridge.

“I didn’t know what to think.

“There were lots of people looking on in complete shock, including a double decker bus full of people.

“I still cannot believe what I just saw.”
Staffordshire Police have been contacted for comment.

Earlier this month, we told how Body Coach Joe Wicks gave fans more than he bargained for when he accidentally uploaded a nude video of himself on Instagram.

The 32-year-old was in the buff as he admired the view out of his window at Devon retreat seemingly unaware that his reflection was in the shot.

As he gazed outside, he could be heard saying: “Feel like I’ve woken up in another country. How beautiful is this view.”

The man stunned drivers with his naked work out
BPM Media
He protected his feet with socks and trainers
BPM Media

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