Bride of cheating ex-hubby sells dress to fund wedding

Bride of cheating ex-hubby sells dress to fund wedding

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A FURIOUS bride who claims her ex-hubby cheated at least seven times is now flogging her wedding dress – to fund her new marriage.

Martha Ward branded her ex Stuart Hargrave a “lying, cheating POS” in a scathing advert on Facebook to flog the size-12 Sophia Tolli bridal gown.

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Martha Ward and Stuart Hargrave on their wedding day in July 2012[/caption]

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Martha’s ad on Facebook pulls no punches[/caption]

Sassy Martha listed the £995 full-length dress, which she claims still carries the “the aroma of deceit and dishonesty”, for £300.

She claims that two years into their marriage Stuart, 33, became secretive with his phone – and she later discovered he’d had an online dating profile for a year.

In 2015 Martha says she uncovered a password-protected gallery of graphic nudes, including ones of him and another woman.

Desperate to make the marriage work, Martha forgave him – but says he admitted cheating again in December 2016, claiming he “couldn’t help it”.

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Martha and Stuart met at a casino and married a year later[/caption]

Pic from Facebook, unknown use at own risk

Martha has accused her ex-husband of cheating at least seven times[/caption]

The final straw came in March 2017 when Martha was browsing her laptop and found emails from Stuart allegedly arranging to meet a sex worker.

Martha is flogging the dress she wore during her £14,000 wedding, along with her veil and shoes, to put towards her big day with new partner Oliver Black, 26, next month.

The 27-year-old chef claims the dress isn’t cursed – so any future brides looking for a bargain have nothing to fear.

Martha, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: “I can’t put into words how excited I am about the wedding, I can’t wait to be Oliver’s wife.

Used condition and has been dry cleaned, unfortunately this didn’t totally erase the aroma of deceit and dishonesty from the gown

Martha Ward's Facebook advert

“The wedding dress was stored in my mum’s attic and I didn’t want to have that baggage so decided to put it up for sale on Facebook marketplace.

“I just want it gone. I want to put the money towards my wedding and give some to charity too.”

Martha’s advert reads: “Sophia Tolli wedding gown. Mainly selling because I need to fund my dress for my marriage to a REAL man. Unlike the cheating ‘man’ I wore this for.

“Apologies for the lack of pictures – I pretty much got rid of all evidence of my marriage to the lying cheating POS, so all I have are grainy zoomed in pictures from friends’ Facebook.

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Martha poses in her £995 Sophia Tolli wedding gown[/caption]

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Martha is throwing in the veil and shoes for anyone who wants to buy her dress[/caption]

“Size 12-14 strapless full length gown with detailing on the waist. Used condition and has been dry cleaned, unfortunately this didn’t totally erase the aroma of deceit and dishonesty from the gown.

“In fact it had barely left the dry cleaners before he was chasing other women.

“Still some slight staining on the bottom of the dress, and imperfections from one hell of a party but definitely plenty of wear in it. In fact this party was the most memorable thing about my marriage.

“Cost £995 new, my poor parents paid for pretty much the whole day so I owe it to them at least to get a decent price for this dress.


“I will even throw in my veil – very pretty (£150 new) and shoes (£60) if you have size 6 feet! He couldn’t be bothered with our marriage and I can’t be bothered listing items separately.

“Hopefully this dress will have more luck for you than it does me. And if it doesn’t, then at least you didn’t spend too much on it.”

Electrician Stuart said the pair split more than two years ago, had both moved on and he didn’t wish to “dredge up the past”.

He said: “I don’t want to get involved with my ex-wife’s slanderous accusations and I’m also on holiday so this isn’t a convenient time. It is causing a large amount of unwanted emotional distress at a time when I should be relaxing and enjoying myself.”

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Martha Ward with her new fiance Oliver Black after he popped the question[/caption]

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Martha says she and new man Oliver are very much in love[/caption]

Martha met Stuart in 2010 when the pair worked at a casino – Martha as a receptionist and Stuart as a croupier.

They soon became a couple and after ten months of dating Stuart popped the question.

The loved-up couple excitedly planned for a July 2012 wedding – on the anniversary of them getting together.

But Martha believes Stuart started cheating just a year later.

She finally left him in March 2017, and a year later found love with trans man Oliver Black, who had been born Rachel Oliver.

Martha said: “I just fell in love with him as the man that he is. Me and Oliver, we’re the same person  – we finish each other’s sentences and we make each other laugh.

“Everything about him is special. He makes me feel loved and respected. He makes me a better version of me.

“After what happened my trust was gone but to be able to trust him, I think that’s a big thing as well.”

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