Woman, 21, body shamed by teenage yobs chanting ‘porky’ at her in park

Woman, 21, body shamed by teenage yobs chanting ‘porky’ at her in park

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A 21-year-old woman was “fat shamed” by a gang of yobs who shouted “porky” at her as she walked home.

Bex Vandersluis, from Swindon, described the ordeal that happened in the town’s Middleleaze Park as “scary”.

The 21-year-old said she was ‘fat shamed’ as she walked across a park in Swindon
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The 21-year-old said the group of boys were aged between 15 and 18.

Recalling the incident on September 4, she wrote on Facebook: “A group of late teenage boys, maybe seven or eight of them, chanted ‘porky’ at me as I walked home.

“I don’t think I even needed to turn down my earphones.

“I’m well aware I’m a bigger girl but I didn’t deserve that. My concern is for people who aren’t as strong…for those who it could have been the thing that broke them.

“It’s scary having a group of tall boys chant horrible things at you. You don’t know if they are planning to follow you or hurt you.

“I didn’t talk to them, I didn’t make eye contact. I just wanted to walk home in peace.”

Bex, who works for a marketing agency, urged parents to talk to their children about body shaming and harassment.

The 21-year-old told how she has been body shamed most of her life.

She told the Swindon Advertiser: “I went through quite a lot at home. As a form of emotional protection I ate a lot and put on quite a lot of weight.

“I felt insecure about that, I would get targeted about the way I looked and I couldn’t walk to school without being afraid of someone saying something to me.

“If I had been in the same head space as I used to be this would have caused me to have a breakdown.”

Bex described the incident that happened in the town’s Middleleaze Park as ‘scary’

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