Two kids, 4 and 7, watch in horror as their ‘dad shoots dead their mum, aunt and grandmother’ as they were taken to school

Two kids, 4 and 7, watch in horror as their ‘dad shoots dead their mum, aunt and grandmother’ as they were taken to school

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TWO young children watch on as their dad shot dead their mum, aunt and grandmother while they were being taken to school.

Jose Luis Abet Lafuente, 41, is accused of killing his former wife Sandra Boquete Jamardo, 39, her sister Alba, 27, and their mother 58-year-old mother Maria Elena.

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Abet Lafuente arriving at court in Pontevedra, Spain after turning himself in[/caption]

Sandra Boquete Jamardo died in front of her two children
Central European News
Her sister was gunned down as she tried to call the cops
Central European News

According to local media reports, the murders occurred when Ms Boquete Jamardo was leaving her home to take her two children, aged seven and four, to school.

Her ex-husband, who she divorced in January 2018, allegedly jumped out in front of her and shot her in front of the kids, according to local media.

According to a police reconstruction of the scene, Boquete Jamardo’s mother and sister went out of the house to see what was happening and they were also allegedly shot by Abet Lafuente.

Alba was right next to the car taking the kids to school and was trying to call the police when she was shot, El Mundo reports.

Neither of the other two women lived with Ms Boquete Jamardo but often helped take her kids to school.

Two neighbours who heard the gunshots arrived on the scene to take the young children to safety.

One of the neighbours,Carlos Sanjurjo told Lavoz de Galicia: “The eldest child was very nervous, vomited everywhere and knew that his father had killed his mother.”


The killings took place the district of of Valga in the province of Pontevedra, in the north-western Spanish region of Galicia.

The suspect then fled to the home he shared with his mother in the municipality of Ames, where he reportedly called the authorities to confess to the crime.

The Civil Guard has found the weapon used by the suspect, which he threw into a river, and he has appeared in court after being arrested.

The motive for the murder is still unclear, although reports said that Abet Lafuente’s social media page has been filled with angry messages about his divorce in recent weeks.

He also posted a series of rambling messages on his ex-wife’s Facebook page.

“You go and ask me for a divorce and on top of that you don’t let me see the children,” read one, according to El Mundo.

There have been no previous reports of violence between the divorced couple. The investigation is ongoing.

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The accused post a series of angry messages on social media before he is alleged to have carried out the killings[/caption]

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