The Capture: Who killed Hannah and was Mat really tortured? Plus more burning questions from episode three

The Capture: Who killed Hannah and was Mat really tortured? Plus more burning questions from episode three

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THE Capture returned to TV tonight for episode three and left fans begging for more with MORE endless unanswered questions.

We take you through what happened and what we need to know.

The Capture continued on BBC One – and Shaun is a wanted man

Five burning questions from episode three of The Capture

1) Who does Frank Napier REALLY work for?

The stakes intensify for Shaun as he is interrogated by inscrutable US agent Frank Napier at a covert CIA outpost in a Belgravia safe house.

On the outset it seems that Napier is trying to discover Hannah’s whereabouts – but who does he really work for?

It just all seems a bit dodgy, like Napier knows that Shaun doesn’t know where Hannah is, but is still trying to extract information from him in a very brutal way – which brings us to our next point.

We’ve learnt you don’t mess with Frank Napier

2) Was Mat really tortured?

As Shaun was being interrogated by Napier and swearing his innocence over Hannah – we saw his best friend Mat being brought into another room.

While Shaun kept saying that he didn’t know where Hannah was they started chopping off Mat’s fingers – one by one.

The grisly scenes were hard to watch with Shaun looking on in horror – all the while saying he has “been set up!”

However, later, as Shaun’s captors try to transport him to another location he manages to free himself and heads to a location that only him and Mat know.

To his surprise, Mat turns up and he’s all in one piece – despite being tortured.

He seems to know nothing about his fingers being chopped off – so who was in the video? And is Mat in on it?

He looks like he knows something – as after Shaun steals his car he sent a text saying: “I’m so sorry Shauny, I had to.”

It’s then shown that the police are on Shaun’s tail.

We saw Mat being horrifically tortured

3) Who leaked the original CCTV footage?

As Shaun was being interrogated by Napier someone leaked the footage of him ‘assaulting Hannah’ to the press – the footage he swears has been doctored.

The clip is now on YouTube – even though it was withdrawn from use by the Secret Service.

Who is the leak in the police? Who is going against DI Carey?

We don’t know who keeps messing with the CCTV footage and DI Carey’s investifgation

4) Who is doctoring all the CCTV footage?

Every vital piece of CCTV footage is constantly being doctored – we don’t know what is real anymore.

Who is doing it and why?

Who is out to get Shaun? Or is he really doing everything that is being shown in the CCTV footage? Who knows.

Hannah is dead – but who killed her?

5) Who really killed Hannah?

At the end, after Shaun had stolen Mat’s car we saw him edge round to the back of the boot of the car – all of this was being watched by DI Carey on CCTV.

When he opened the boot, Hannah’s dead body was in there – but who killed her?

Also as it was Mat’s car, did he help set Shaun up? Who knows – we can’t wait to get the next piece of the puzzle next week.

When is The Capture next on TV?

The thriller continues next TUESDAY (September 24, 2019)

You can catch it on BBC One from 9pm to 10pm.

Each episode will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer once it has aired on television.


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