Shameless woman caught digging up and stealing flowers from war memorial on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Shameless woman caught digging up and stealing flowers from war memorial on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain

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A DISRESPECTFUL woman was caught stealing flowers from a war memorial on the anniversary of the devastating Battle of Britain.

Mark Stott confronted the thieving woman as she was packing up the flowers she had dug up from the memorial in London, Beckenham.


The woman was digging up the commemorative flowers and putting them into plastic bags[/caption]

At first Mark thought she was a volunteer coming to fix up the area around the memorial which commemorates the lives of fallen World War II soldiers.

But Mark noticed she had plastic bags with her and she was actually stealing the flowers.

He said: “We thought this woman was tidying the plants and then we noticed she was digging them up.”

When Mark, a plumber and kitchen fitter, approached the woman she told him to call the police.

He said: “She told us that she didn’t care that it was a memorial and to call the police.”

Mark went on to call the police but nothing could be done.

He posted a picture of the woman to his local Facebook group with the caption: “This is the scumbag that thinks it’s okay to take up the plants from the Beckenham War Memorial.”

The post has received more than 200 comments.

Sally Marsh said: “She is taking what doesn’t belong to her, that is theft.”

Charl Dickson said: “I can’t believe someone would steal flowers from the memorial and that they were so blatant.”

People have been working together to fix the garden next to the war memorial over the last six months.


The Battle of Britain is remembered in British history as one of the most shocking of World War II.

It saw the RAF take on the German air force, as the Nazi’s began a sustained attack.

Nazi Germany hoped that by unleashing the large-scale bombing on London they would be able to coerce the UK into negotiating a peace settlement.

September 15, 1940, saw the climax of the fighting, with the British RAF fleet destroying 176 enemy aircraft.

During the battle 544 RAF command pilots died along with nearly 1000 men from other commands.

Other British men suffered serious injuries throughout the course of the battle, with many badly burned as their planes were set alight.

The Sun Online has approached the Metropolitan police for a comment.


The memorial reads “In grateful memory of the men and women of Beckenham who feel in the two world wars”[/caption]


Mark posted a picture of the shameless woman to his local Facebook group[/caption]


The post has received more than 200 comments with many people expressing their outrage[/caption]


Mark initially thought that she was one of the helpers that come every Sunday to fix the area around the memorial[/caption]


When Mark confronted the thief she told him to “call the police”


The woman dug up the flowers from the community memorial garden and took them for herself

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