Megan Barton-Hanson’s kisses are ‘attention seeking’ but Daniel Craig’s are ‘a disaster’ says body language expert

Megan Barton-Hanson’s kisses are ‘attention seeking’ but Daniel Craig’s are ‘a disaster’ says body language expert

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NOTHING sets tongues wagging more than a celebrity couple sharing a cringe worthy public display of affection.

On Friday, Love Island fans were quick to judge Maura Higgins, 28, and 23-year-old Curtis Pritchard’s ‘awkward’ kiss, saying it proved their romance was a sham.

Love Island fans were quick to judge Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard’s ‘awkward’ kiss


Fun popstars Shawn and Camila Cabello shared this over the top kiss in response to critics[/caption]

Meanwhile, popstars Shawn Mendes and Camilio Cabello released a sarcastic video of them smooching after critics said they ‘kissed like fish’ with their mouths too open.

In the bizarre video, titled ‘how we really kiss’ and which has racked up over 20 million views, Mendes, 21, plants a sloppy wet one on Cabello, 22, who can’t stifle her laughter.

Here, body language expert Judi James tells CLAIRE DUNWELL what other celeb kisses say about them.

DISASTER KISS – Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux

The Mega Agency

The awkward positioning in this kiss between Daniel Craig and co-star Lea Seydoux is very unlike Bond[/caption]

Judi says: “This awkward-looking lunging kiss looks the sort of miss-kiss that a smoothie like Bond would never be guilty of.

“The separated torsos signal Daniel’s gentlemanly side but the lack of response from his very upright co-star has turned this into a blush-worthy unpuckered disaster!”

ATTENTION-SEEKING KISS – Megan Barton-Hanson and Demi Sims

This smooch between Megan Barton-Hanson and Demi Sims lacks sexual chemistry, according to Judi James

Judi says: “This looks very much like a posed display kiss, aimed at getting attention, rather than anything more intimate or passionate.

“Their heads are straight on and those touch rituals lack any sexual or romantic sizzle.”

BUSINESS AS USUAL KISS – Sophie Tuner and Joe Jonas

Goff Photos

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner give very little away with this ‘check in’ kiss[/caption]

Judi says: “This is a checking in kiss and isn’t particularly passionate. Their body language is quite business like and once they’re done it will be back to business again. Their lips are barely open so although it’s slightly romantic, it isn’t passionate.

“They’re a super cool couple and not giving too much away about their relationship, but it is an important public display of affection. This is a very equal pose and the mirror in their body language means they seem to be an even match.”

LOOK AT ME KISS – Lady Gaga and Dan Horton

Goff Photos

Lady Gaga didn’t hold back during this lunchtime snog[/caption]

Judi says: “Gaga is making the point that she is very spontaneous, but Dan looks uninterested. While Gaga has a protective hand over his chest, he would rather go back to his lunch. She wants him to stop what he is doing.

“The symmetry between them isn’t there. It looks like he would do anything for a quiet life but won’t join in whole heartedly. The dangling arm could even suggest he has one foot out of the relationship.”

PARENTAL KISS – Novak and Jelena Nokavic

Rex Features

Tennis ace Novak Djokavic gives his wife a protective peck[/caption]

Judi says: “This sweet forehead kiss is incredibly romantic and affectionate but also parental. It implies he doesn’t only see his wife as sexual, but also wants to protect and look after her too.

“It isn’t a passionate signal, and he is saying that he finds Jelena cute and wants to keep a sweet, romantic feel to their relationship. Jelena is enjoying it which shows with how she is tilting her head inwards and how their arms are entwined.”

DOMINEERING KISS – Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson


Cara Delevingne’s hand placement identifies her as the dominant one in this kiss[/caption]

Judi says: “Cara’s body language suggests a dominant, almost ‘making a statement’ approach to the PDA, which could suggest it’s an act of rebellion as well as affection. It’s romantic too, trying to make it look as though they are lost in the moment, although Ashley seems less swept away.

“Cara’s dominance comes from the way she leans in, cupping but also holding Ashley’s face with one hand, while the other is placed around her neck. Cara looks fully immersed in the moment, with her eyes closed, while Ashley’s eyes are partly open. Her cheek shape suggests she’s smiling, which sends out a less serious message about their relationship.”

SILLY KISS – Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a light-hearted pair who like to have fun[/caption]

Judi says: “These two don’t take themselves or each other too seriously. Their sloppy kiss with their mouths open shows they are completely open and comfortable with each other.

“It’s a non-sexual affectionate kiss but very mutual. It shows they’re a couple who share a sense of humour and their relationship is based on friendship. They take a no hold barred approach to public display of affection.”

DRAMATIC KISS – Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek


Rami’s Oscar’s kiss took Lucy Boynton by surprise[/caption]

Judi says: “He is clearly wanting to show how much he values Lucy because he has taken time out to lean in and close his eyes moments before receiving an Oscar for Best Actor. She is smiling politely but looks shocked and a bit awkward.

“She was expecting a kiss on the cheek while he’s turned it into a Gone with the Wind moment. His body language suggests he really values their relationship.”

HOT FOR EACH OTHER KISS – Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter


Kaitlynn and Miley wanted to make a statement with this steamy kiss[/caption]

Judi says: “This embrace is very mutually sexual and goes well beyond a public display of affection. They are both curling up their toes which is a sign of enjoyment and they’re fully immersed in the moment.

“It is a genuine embrace but they both want to make a statement. Whether that’s to each other, or to the public, there is still genuine pleasure and a sexual attraction. Nobody is trying to get out of the pose and neither looks awkward which means they feel the same way about one another.”

CONFUSED KISS – Timothee Chalamet and Lily Rose-Depp


Lily has taken control in this snap with Timothee adopting an unusual position[/caption]

Judi says: “This looks more like resuscitation than a passionate kiss, although Lily’s open mouth and the way she’s cradling Timothee’s face does hint at a romantic relationship, at least as far as she’s concerned.

“Timothee’s response is curious to say the least. Instead of settling down happily and comfortably into the PDA he’s clutching at the rail of the ship with his arms rather than encircling her.

“This makes him look like some swooning Victorian rather than a modern guy responding to a very sexual approach from his woman. Lily looks like the one driving the relationship. Timothee just looks startled and rather confused here.”

FRIENDLY KISS – Jamie Lomas and Sarah Louise

Splash News

Body language expert Judi James says this kiss between Jamie Lomas and his ex Sarah Louise is the type commonly used in showbiz meet ups[/caption]

Judi says: “There might be a lot of flung out arms and hugs and admiring glances in this kiss ritual but overall it looks more like friends who haven’t met for a long time than anything more intimate.

“The lip-planting suggests it’s a cheek kiss and hugs like this are common in showbiz.”

THE ROYAL KISS – Zara and Mike Tindall


This kiss between Zara and Mike Tindall shows a couple very much in love[/caption]

Judi says: “This looks like a spontaneously loving and quite passionate kiss that suggests the royal couple still fancy the pants off one another.

“It involves mutual effort and neck-stretching, suggesting Zara and Mike get the importance of these PDAs in ensuring their relationship never goes stale.”

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