Katie Price says Phillip Schofield was wrong to stop her from using the N-word on This Morning

Katie Price says Phillip Schofield was wrong to stop her from using the N-word on This Morning

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KATIE Price has called out This Morning host Phillip Schofield for failing to allow her to say the ‘N-word’ on live TV.

The mum of five had used the derogatory term merely as a form of repetition, when she was detailing the abuse her eldest son Harvey, 17, has been subject to online in a segment aired in 2017.

Katie Price has hit out at Phillip Schofield over his decision not to let her use the N-Word on TV
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After using it on two occasions Phil, who anchors the ITV show with Holly Willoughby, put a stop her verbalising the term and Katie has now recalled her thoughts in new magazine, and said: “I remember when I went on This Morning and I asked Phillip Schofield how he would feel if someone called his child a ‘black n****r’ and ‘spastic’ like these bullies did to my son – he was shocked.

“He didn’t like it and asked me not to say it again.

“The reason he didn’t like it was because I was saying it out loud on TV.

“Why don’t people have that same reaction when it’s written down?”

Phil told Katie to stop using the term after she repeated it twice
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Katie, 41, was using the sick term to detail the abuse faced by Harvey, 17

In her column, she added: “Do the words somehow lose their meaning when typed out?

“Why would I be stopped from saying it on a live TV show yet noone stops people writing it online?”

The 41 year old, a passionate campaigner for Harvey’s Law, then admitted she allowed the teenager an Instagram page so he could feel part of social media – yet only tells him the bad comments.

Katie is striving to create a law in the name of her son, which she hopes will see keyboard bullies come to justice.

If the law is passed in December, the culprits could be prosecuted and added to a record of offenders.

Katie, mum of five, will find out in December whether her campaign for Harvey’s Law has been a success

The Sun Online has previously reported how Peter Andre’s ex will not face an Ofcom charge for use of the sick phrasing.

She sparked an outcry among some viewers as she used the word n****r repeatedly on the ITV show.

Katie declared how Harvey had been called a “n*****” and then used the offensive word again just minutes later.

Katie said: “Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****, is that not abuse? They called him a golliwog, that’s my son, is that acceptable?”

The mum did not face any action by Ofcom after the show aired in 2017
Dan Jones – The Sun

She said: “Calling my son a n***** is just not acceptable.”

Telling her off, Phil said: “Do not use that word again.”



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