Emmerdale viewers want Al Chapman murdered after his vile rant at Marlon over Jessie

Emmerdale viewers want Al Chapman murdered after his vile rant at Marlon over Jessie

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EMMERDALE fans are desperate for Al Chapman to be murdered after he taunted Marlon Dingle over sleeping with wife Jessie.

The businessman – who is played by actor Michael Wildman in the ITV soap – tried to humiliate Marlon over his failed marriage in the middle of the village.

Vile Al taunted Marlon over his romp with Jessie

Pretending that Jessie came onto him, he claimed to want to apologise to Marlon but soon turned vicious.

He said: “I’m really sorry for the way things turned out. I couldn’t help myself, the way she came onto me was so strong. I’m sorry and feel responsible so I’ll do what I can to make amends.

“I’ll take the boys off your hands. You won’t want them hanging around and reminding you of happier times.”

Trying to trick his son Ellis and brother Billy into leaving Marlon’s house, Marlon insisted it was there home, so Al stepped his vileness up a notch.

He sneered: “Marlon, don’t blame yourself mate. Not every man can give a woman what she needs.

Al tried to goad Marlon into hitting him
Marlonr ose above Al’s vile taunts – but viewers want Al dead

“But it hurts right, when the woman you love gets so frustrated she has to find herself a real man.”

The vile businessman then tried to goad Marlon into punching him, telling him he’d give him one for free.

But Marlon refused to play his evil games and told him to go away.

Al then stepped up his vileness, adding: “It takes a very zen like calm to walk away from the man who slept with your wife.

Al wanted to humiliate Marlon in the village

“You didn’t love her enough to fight for her. I’ll tell you what mate, I’m having a new car delivered from France tomorrow.

“She looks like a classic but she’s not long been built so she’s a smooth drive.

“How about I take you and those kids of yours for a spin and take your mind off your car crash of a life?”

With that he walked away but fans were desperate for someone to murder him.

One wrote: “This Al needs swinging alright….. toss pot #Emmerdale”

A second said: “#Emmerdale anyone else think Al is another character that needs to go.”

Another added: “Al was cool but Al has wronged Marlon and for that reason… Al has to die #Emmerdale”

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