David Cameron admits for the first time his ‘regret’ over Brexit crisis and says he feels ‘responsibility’

David Cameron admits for the first time his ‘regret’ over Brexit crisis and says he feels ‘responsibility’

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DAVID Cameron admitted for the first time last night that he shares responsibility for the Brexit crisis.

In his first TV grilling since leaving No10 three years ago, the ex-Tory PM also admitted he is still “haunted” by his gamble.

Ex-PM David Cameron gets grilled by ITV's Tom Bradby
Ex-PM David Cameron gets grilled by ITV’s Tom Bradby
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While expressing “regret” for the deep divisions across the country, he had previously insisted the landmark 2016 referendum was “inevitable” because of splits over Europe.

Mr Cameron told ITV News’s Tom Bradby: “Do I have regrets? Yes. Am I sorry about the state the country’s got into? Yes. Do I feel I have some responsibility for that? Yes.

“It was my referendum, my campaign, my decision to try and renegotiate.

“I accept all of those things and people will have to decide how much blame to put on me.”


The former Tory leader also attacked his successor Boris Johnson for expelling 21 Tory MP rebels.

Dubbing the group who voted to delay Brexit as “hard-working, loyal Conservatives”, Mr Cameron described it as “a bad decision”.

He also warned of the Tory party could shatter over it, adding: “If it isn’t reversed, it will be I think a disastrous decision”.

Mr Cameron also branded the new PM’s controversial decision to suspend Parliament as “a sharp practice” and “counter-productive”.

While arguing it wasn’t illegal, he added: “In the end, we have to work through Parliament, and you can’t deny the arithmetic of Parliament and the majorities there are in Parliament”.


Mr Cameron, meanwhile, also revealed that former US President Barack Obama once “tucked him up” in bed.

He said Mr Obama invited him to get some shut-eye after the pair watched a basketball game on Air Force One.

Describing the “surreal” scene, Mr Cameron said: “As he did it, he said, ‘I bet, erm, President Roosevelt never did this for Winston Churchill’.”

During the interview, Mr Cameron also criticised Mr Obama for taking four days to return his call to press for action against tyrant President Assad over the 2013 Syrian chemical weapons attack.

He said: “A more automatic response would have been better.

“It took four days to speak. We then agreed a plan.”

Mr Johnson yesterday refused to hit back at Mr Cameron’s fresh round of biting criticism.

The new PM said: “I have the highest respect and affection for him, so that’s my view on Dave”.

Mr Cameron also attacked his successor Boris Johnson and former US President Barack Obama
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