Collabro confirmed for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions – but when were they last on the show and what have they done since?’

Collabro confirmed for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions – but when were they last on the show and what have they done since?’

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COLLABRO only formed a mere month before their first audition back in 2014 and they went on to become one of Britain’s Got Talent’s biggest success stories.

Now, they have returned to the stage that made them famous – minus one original band member – to compete in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. Find out more about their road to success below…

Collabro are one of BGT’s biggest success stories
Dan Jones – The Sun

When was Collabro last on the Brtain’s Got Talent?

Collabro was last on the show in 2014.

The group had only been together one month when they decided to audition as they ‘had nothing to lose.’

They received a standing ovation from the judges after their performance of Stars from Les Misérables.

After, Simon Cowell declared that “Britain has really got talent,” the group got a unanimous four yeses.

Collabro sailed through the semi-finals, winning over 62.3% of the public vote for their performance of Bring Him Home.

During the live final on June 7, Collabro won the competition after garnering 26.5% of the public vote.

The group first formed in January 2014, just one month before their Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Singers Jamie Lambert and Matthew Pagan – who already knew each other – took to social media to find other singers.

This lead to them finding Michael Auger and Thomas J.Redgrave.

Collabro was then completed with Richard Hadfield who they stumbled across in a YouTube clip of him singing ‘Bring Him Home.’

However, Richard famously left the band in 2016 after the claims of a feud.

The band won the show in 2014 but member Richard Hadfield quit in 2016
Rex Features

What has Collabro done since being on BGT?

After winning the competition, the boys signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco in June 2014.

And they released their debut album the following month – on July 28, before announcing their debut tour alongside runner-up Lucy Kay in 2015.

The group’s first album Stars debuted at number one in the UK Albums Chart.

On April 22, 2015, Collabro announced that they had signed with Sony Masterworks in the US for a whopping £1million deal.

And their second album – called Act Two – was then released in June and debuted at number two.

The band have also toured extensively.

Their debut tour in 2015 sold 50,000, and their follow-up tour in 2016 saw them performing in Japan as well as US and Canada.

Collabro joined Cliff Richard on his Just Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour of the UK IN 2017.

In 2016, Richard Hadfield famously quit the band – leading to Collabro setting up their own record label Peak Productions to gain artistic control of their work.

They also released and toured their third album Home in 2017.

Between February – April 2019, the boys went on a 51-date tour called Road to the Royal Albert Hall.

The band have released three albums

What have BGT producers said about Collabro starring in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions?

On June 5, 2019, The Sun exclusively revealed that bosses were trying to reunite the original band for the upcoming series.

A source close to the band told The Sun Online: “BGT producers are desperate to get the whole band back together as it would make great TV to show them talking through their issues and working things out – then reuniting on stage together.

“It would spark interest in the band again and they think viewers would love to see them back together as they were then.”

However, another source insisted Richard wouldn’t be joining the band again on stage: “The band as they are now have been in talks with BGT, Richard left years ago so there’s no reason why he would be part of it.”

What happened to Collabro member Jamie Lambert when he got mugged?

On January 22, 2018 The Sun exclusively revealed that Jamie Lambert had been assaulted in a brutal street mugging.

The singer suffered a broken nose and two black eyes as he was attacked with brass knuckles by a gang in central London.

Jamie told the Sun’s Bizarre column: “I’m just recovering from the shock. It’s obviously not very nice.

“I’ve got a broken nose nose which is healing and I’m shaken but it could have been a lot worse.”

At the time Jamie said he was approached by a group of men in broad daylight whilst he was out shopping with a friend.

He said: “They asked me to hand over their belongings and I said, because we were in a busy street, ‘Are you mad?’

“And they tried to pull me into an alley and I pulled away and they broke my nose with something like brass knuckles under a glove.

“It was some kind of weapon. I’m not allowed to say too much about it. The police are looking for them.

“They left empty handed. I think I got off quite well actually.

“It’s the first ever bone I’ve ever broken and my sister is a doctor. I also worked in hospitals for a very long time before Collabro so the physical aspect of things didn’t phase me.

“The staff at the Royal London, paramedics and staff were amazing. I have to go back and get my nose reset with a specialist I think.”

He added: “It’s not so much the physical injury side but the mental side that gets you after.

“If I turn up at a gig with a bandaged nose and black eyes you will know why.

“I’m chilling out at home now and letting myself heal.”

And he was quick to reassure fans that he was fine following the harrowing experience in a statement released on Twitter when it happened.

Jamie said: “Hi guys. Thanks for the concern as to where I’ve been.

“I was assaulted in an attempted robbery on Wednesday.

“I’m absolutely fine but taking time to relax and recover physically/mentally.

“The boys and HQ are taking good care of me. Carry on as normal please!”

When is Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions be on TV?

The BGT spin-off kicked off on ITV on Saturday, August 31.

The series will run for six weeks – with this in mind the show is likely to end on October 5, 2019.

We know that the final was taped at Wembley Arena at the end of July.

Embarrassingly enough, the act who won the contest showed off their trophy outside the arena – we won’t spoil it for you though, but if you do care to know who’s won the show, a simple Twitter search will bring up the answer in no time.


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