Boris Johnson’s plans to prioritise victims’ rights over criminals is a real game-changer — they’ve been abandoned for too long

Boris Johnson’s plans to prioritise victims’ rights over criminals is a real game-changer — they’ve been abandoned for too long

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Victims first

FOR far too long, victims of serious crime have been abandoned by the justice ­system. It is great news that Boris Johnson aims to do something about it.

Every current focus is on the criminal: catching, trying, sentencing, punishing and rehabilitating them.

Boris Johnson’s plans to prioritise victims of serious crime is great news

Those whose lives they have torn apart are forgotten — kept in the dark even about the basics of trial dates, sentences or an offender’s early release.

Many are put through the mill in the witness box. Four years ago The Sun launched our Give Me Shelter campaign hoping to secure the safety of women abused by their partners.

We are delighted the PM is today appointing a Domestic Abuse Commissioner to champion them.

But his overall strategy, to prioritise victims’ rights over those of criminals, looks like the real game-changer.

Many who fall prey to burglars but are ignored by police will scoff. Where are their rights? That’s entirely fair — forces must address it with the new recruits coming their way.

But the priority must be victims of serious violence and sex crimes whose lives are already in ruins . . . and need a justice system that spares them further trauma.

Leo’s legacy

A NO Deal Brexit will be a walk in the park here compared with Ireland.

Its central bank now reckons a third of its farmers will go bust, so heavily reliant are they on the UK market and so vulnerable to tariffs.

An explosive report has revealed that a third of Ireland’s farmers are at risk of going bust in the event of a No Deal

That could threaten seven per cent of the country’s entire workforce.

These statistics should wake Irish PM Leo Varadkar in a cold sweat. Yet he continues to play the hardman for Brussels, refusing to budge on the hated backstop that’s so fatal to a deal.

No one can know if we will leave “come what may” at the end of October, as Boris Johnson still insists. The odds look stacked against him.

A new deal seems a long way off given the breakdown of trust with the EU and their increasing lack of civility.

But if there is a No Deal exit, Varadkar will have taken a monstrous punt on his citizens’ jobs and lost. We’re sure they won’t blame him.

Ears to you

HOW gracious of crisp salesman Gary ­Lineker to finally “volunteer” for a cut to his obscene BBC salary.

Even if the BBC would have made him do it anyway.

It was impossible to justify Gary Lineker’s £1.75million salary after stripping OAPs of their free TV licence
PA:Press Association

It was impossible to justify stinging OAPs for Gary’s £1.75million a year once the Beeb, to its shame, chose to strip over-75s of their free licence under the threat of jail for non-payment.

But how, we worry, will the country’s self-appointed moral compass scrape by on any less?

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