Woman driver tells black female motorist ‘f*** off back to your own country’ in shocking road rage row

Woman driver tells black female motorist ‘f*** off back to your own country’ in shocking road rage row

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THIS is the shocking moment a road rage motorist told a black woman: “F**k off back to your own country.”

The disturbing incident happened in Milton Keynes, Bucks, on Wednesday and involved a woman believed to be originally from Ghana, west Africa.

The confrontation was sparked by a road rage incident
The victim’s 14-year-old daughter filmed the incident

The vile racist outburst from a white woman in another vehicle was caught on camera by the victim’s 14-year-old daughter.

The teenager claimed she and her mother had not even been able to report the incident as the police station they went to was shut.

At the start of the clip, a white woman can be seen exiting a black Ford and approaching the young girl and her mother.

She approaches the driver’s window and says: “You’re absolutely ridiculous.”

The driver responds: “Am I?”

The woman continues: “You’re ignorant, you see me coming through you deliberately pulled yourself through.”

As the driver tries to reason with her, the woman becomes increasingly irate shouting: “I’ve got you – anyway you did.”

She then begins jabbing her finger at the woman shouting: “You. You. You should f*** off back to your own country.”


The woman’s daughter can be heard exclaiming: “Woah”.

Her mum manages to maintain her cool and replies calmly “Thank you. God bless you” as the woman walks away.

The driver’s daughter can be heard saying: “I’m so glad I filmed that, look at her. Look at her. Look at her. Fool.”

The shocking scene was shared on social media on Wednesday by the woman’s daughter with the caption: “I can’t believe she spoke to my mum like that I’ve never experienced this before and can’t believe this still happens absolutely disgusting.”

The video, which has clocked up nearly 300,000 views has prompted outrage among Twitter users.

@anLFCfan replied: “Report her to the police. Don’t feel bad for not reacting in time, I still find it tough and I’m 50 next birthday.”

Reece Parkinson added: “Your mum handled that with so much grace, sorry you had to go through that sending big love.”

And @Mariamb1995 said: “Girl tag your local police for now… horrible woman.”

In a series of tweets following the video, the girl explained why she did not directly speak up at the time.

She wrote: “Only been alive 14 years but this is still mad wtf I wish I defended my mum better but everything happened so fast.”

“The only reason why I didn’t do anything was because I was shocked and I just came back from school I also didn’t want to fight a 35-40 year old woman when I am only 14.”

On Saturday she added: “UPDATE: We just went to the police station but unfortunately it’s closed we have been busy the whole day that’s why we had to go so late.”

The Ford driver got out of her car to confront the mum
The daughter said the incident had not yet been reported to the police because the local station was closed
The daughter posted a series of messages on social media
The daughter explained why the incident had not yet been reported to the cops

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