Supermarket Sweep fans rally around Rylan as he’s compared to ‘frozen potato waffle’

Supermarket Sweep fans rally around Rylan as he’s compared to ‘frozen potato waffle’

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RYLAN Clark Neal’s fans continue to have his back amid a string of harsh reviews of Supermarket Sweep.

The beloved host is currently fronting the rebooted ITV2 game show, which was originally hosted by the late Dale Winton.

Rylan on This Morning
Rylan’s fans rushed to support him on social media

While Rylan is one of the nation’s most well-loved presenters, the show’s return has divided opinion, and the latest reviews don’t pull any punches.

The Guardian brutally branded the show “as stiff as a frozen potato waffle.”

The publication summed up the show as “over the top in its gaudy brashness and somehow also stilted, as if they have bought a massive glitzy helium balloon but forgotten to put the gas in.”

Meanwhile a reviewer at The Times succinctly quipped: “The wheels are already coming off – I’ll never watch it again”.

Rylan hit back at his critics on social media last week

Even away from official reviews, Rylan has had to contend with some harsh critiques on social media.

Fortunately his loyal fans quickly rushed to back him up on social media.

“Supermarket Sweep is still a classic in my opinion. Might not be for everyone but don’t let the hater get you down Rylan, we love you!” one wrote.

A second added: “To all the people moaning about Supermarket Sweep – you don’t have to watch it. If you don’t like it, switch off!”

Hitting back at the haters last week, Rylan took to Twitter and wrote: “Glad people are enjoying sweep.

“Even more glad that the people who tweet me saying they ‘hate’ it and I’m ‘terrible at my job and make them feel sick’ are boosting my viewing figures.”

He signed off with the quip: “God bless you dear.”

The furore comes after a bevvy of complaints about Supermarket’s Sweep’s return.

Rylan on Supermarket Sweep
Rylan and Jennie McAlpine are a fabulous double act
Matt Frost


Viewers initially kicked off about food waste on the show, as one contestant threw piles of fresh produce onto the floor before trampling on them.

Next they bemoaned the show’s scheduling, claiming it should’ve stuck to the original 30-minute time frame compared to the current hour.

They also insisted the show didn’t need to be on every single night and would be best suited to as weekly slot.

Finally, a new wave of whinging kicked off as viewers claimed there was a lack of age diversity among the contestants, as many of them were under the age of 30.

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