Randy couple chucked out of Nando’s after staff catch them romping in toilets

Randy couple chucked out of Nando’s after staff catch them romping in toilets

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A RANDY couple were chucked out of Nando’s after staff caught them romping in the toilets.

Diners were horrified after seeing the couple leaving the toilet together – where a “used condom” was later found.

Video shows the couple leaving the toilets together
Sarah Watson
Customers were left shocked by the couple
Sarah Watson

Eyewitness Sarah Watson was “shocked” at the couple and told The Sun she couldn’t believe what had happened at the restaurant in Edinburgh.

She said: “My friend Robyn and I were sitting in Nando’s at Fountain Park and this couple started kissing up against the wall just outside the toilet then as we watched them they both walked into the men’s toilets and we were both just shocked thinking surely that didn’t just happen.

“My friend Robyn then told the manager and the manager had to get a male staff member to go and check so after this there ended up a bit of commotion with all the staff finding out.”


She added: “I sat there and couldn’t stop laughing.

“I just caught the giggles – not sure why – I think because it was like a nervous laugh at the fact this was actually happening.

“My friend, me and the staff were all stood there watching the bathroom door waiting for them to come out when one of staff went in to check.

“About ten minutes later they were walked out the toilet and both walked out laughing but then just walked straight out past everyone in the restaurant.


“A staff member went in after them and found a used condom on the floor.”

Video shows the red-faced couple leaving the loos together as shocked customers look on.

In the clip, a woman can be seen fixing her jeans as she leaves the bathroom with a man following closely behind.

It’s captioned: “Surely not got caught in Nando’s toilets.”

Nando’s declined to comment.


The couple were caught in the men’s bathrooms in Nando’s[/caption]

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