NHS patient trapped in hospital ward with headless, rotting pigeon corpse outside window for NINE DAYS

NHS patient trapped in hospital ward with headless, rotting pigeon corpse outside window for NINE DAYS

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A WOMAN was trapped on an NHS ward next to the rotting corpse of a headless pigeon as it festered outside her window for NINE DAYS.

Lisa Aldington, 48, from Bromley was a patient at Kings College Hospital, London and says she notified staff as soon as she spotted the headless bird – but its stinking corpse was still there when she left nine days later.

Lisa says the disgusting site festered outside her window for the entirety of her stay
Lisa Aldington

Lisa, who says she suffers from ten medical conditions, said she was glad to leave the headless pigeon and it’s smell behind when she was discharged from hospital nine days after she first spotted the bird’s body.

The 48-year-old former SEN teacher was staying on the Murray Faulkner ward and was undergoing scalp telemetry, a treatment used to identify and diagnose brain conditions.


Lisa notified her nurse, who said she would report the case to environmental health – but nothing was done while Lisa was on the ward.

Lisa described the disgusting pigeon’s rotting stink as a “stench” and said it was particularly awful close to the window.

Lisa said: “It was quite funny, actually because when I told the nurse about the pigeon she said that the nurses had one too, outside the staff changing room window.”

The 49-year-old first spotted the rotting pigeon during August’s blistering heatwave, and posted to Facebook about the grim find twice – once on August 24 and again on August 28.

She said that when she initially spotted it, she informed a construction worker who she says was “walking up and down the ledge the pigeon was on all day,” but he ignored her.

Lisa couldn’t remove the stinking pigeon herself as she was hooked up to a machine, with only enough leeway to get to and from the loo.


Although Lisa says she couldn’t fault the staff who treated her, she joked that she was “getting used to the smell” after the pigeon had been decomposing outside the window for four days – but after nine days she’d had enough.

Lisa also wondered if she was in a particularly “bad” room as she claims the previous occupant had “ripped ” the TV and a picture from the wall the day before she arrived.

She also pointed out the shocking amount of litter on the ledge, which included old crisp packets, an empty bottle of moisturiser and – bizarrely – what looks like two pirate hooks.

Witty comments on the Facebook post joked that staff “will get someone to sort that out in the next few days with the extra £350 million a week for the NHS!”

Another user quipped the removal of the headless bird should be a “no brainer.”

One angry comment blasted the red tape surrounding health and safety, writing: “Just get a f***ing plastic bag and throw that dead animal in a f***ing bin.


“But no, they need some sort of permit to move their a**e.
“Health and Safety inductions everywhere and then they get lost in a glass of water. Ridiculous.”

King’s College Hospital said in a statament: “In some areas of the hospital we have netting in place to prevent large numbers of birds roosting in our grounds.

“These nets are checked and cleared periodically. We apologise to the patient for any distress caused.”

Lisa, undergoing scalp telemetry on one of her daily walks away from the ward and the stinking pigeon

Lisa couldn’t remove the bird herself as she was hooked up to machines
She said the ledge that the pigeon sat on was strewn with litter
Lisa wondered if she had the misfortune of a particularly bad room, as the TV had been torn from the wall

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