Netflix fans cancel on dates and stay home to binge on ‘heartbreaking’ new series Unbelievable

Netflix fans cancel on dates and stay home to binge on ‘heartbreaking’ new series Unbelievable

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NETFLIX fans have cancelled on dates so they could stay at home to binge on the “heartbreaking” new series of Unbelievable.

The new series focuses on the true story of 18-year-old Marie Adler who was charged with false reporting of a rape after she withdrew her claim when police put her under pressure.

Unbelievable follows the true story of a rape case in America

The emotional series has left Netflix viewers gripped, with many watching all eight episodes in one go.

One said: “I’ve cancelled on a date and left three loads of laundry unattended for six hours because I can’t stop watching #Unbelievable on Netflix.”

Another added: “#Unbelievable is such a good series I’ve watched it three times since it came out on friday.”

Someone said: ” Watched #Unbelievable in just two sittings. It’s excellent. Check it out.

Another insisted: “It will be #Unbelievable if all these three actresses won’t any recognition for their performances.”

Unbelievable is an adaption of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Article ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape, which was written by T Christian Miller, The Marshall Project and Ken Armstrong.

It’s also based on the This American Life radio episode titled Anatomy of Doubt.

Actress Kaitlyn Dever plays Marie

Marie’s horrific experience plays out on screen, showing how she was tied up, blindfolded and raped by a masked knifeman who broke into her bedroom as she slept.

But when the traumatised teen bravely spoke out to police, she was branded a liar and charged for “making a false report”, leaving her rapist free to attack again.

Serial rapist Marc O’Leary attacked six women in Colorado and Washington state, including Marie
Police Handout

She ended up accepting a plea deal in 2009 and was fined.

Over the next two years, sex beast Marc O’Leary brutally attacked five other woman.

He was finally caught by two female detectives from Colorado in 2011.

In December 2011, he was locked up for 327-and-a-half years – the maximum he could have received by law – for the four Colorado-based attacks.

  • Unbelievable is available to watch on Netflix now. 

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