Hollyoaks fans shocked by terrorist bomb attack that leaves Yasmine Maalik fighting for her life

Hollyoaks fans shocked by terrorist bomb attack that leaves Yasmine Maalik fighting for her life

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HOLLYOAKS’ terrorist bomb attack aired on Monday night and shocked fans as Yasmine Maalik was left fighting for her life.

Ste Hay tried to stop Jonny Baxter’s (Ray Quinn) from setting off the package at the engagement party at The Loft – but failed.

Hollyoaks’ terrorist bomb attack shocks fans as Yazz fights for life

Viewers saw Yasmine Maalik thrown to the ground along with Jonny when the deadly package exploded prematurely.

And fans were stunned by the dramatic scenes as one said: “OMG OMG THE BOMB WENT OFF”

Another wrote: “F**k it’s a bomb!!!”

One more: “Omg nooooooo💔 not the loft😩


Hollyoaks hints Ste’s far right group will launch terror attack on the village as Yazz and Sinead find plans to target Muslim community centre[/caption]

Last month Ste Hay’s far-right group planned executing a terror attack on the village but Yazz and Sinead discovered their evil plans.

The girls broke into Stuart Sumner and Jonny Baxter’s home and found a hidden USB containing a floor plan of the local community centre, where the Misbah family parties have taken place, in last night’s episode, and were instantly worried that what they had found had something to do with their extreme far-right agenda.

Sinead, who is played by Celebrity Big Brother star, Stephanie Davis, 26, quickly took a picture of their racist intentions to show the police and escaped the house before Jonny (Ray Quinn) and Stuart (Chris Simmons) returned home.

However, the officers response to their finding wasn’t exactly what they wanted – they told them that it was not clear enough evidence to prove any malicious intent behind it and they could get themselves in trouble because they had broken into the property.

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Stuart and Jonny have been manipulating Ste for months – trying to trick him into believing their racist views[/caption]

The soap’s radicalisation storyline came into play when Ste was groomed by a far-right extremist group led by Jonny and Stuart.

And Hollyoaks fans were left disgusted by their “sickening” far-right protest in the village which Ste contributed to after he was tricked into their disgusting ways.

It looked like Ste came to understanding that he had been manipulated into joining the far-right group, as new guy Jed tried to encourage him to turn Jonny and Stuart in for their manipulative ways.

However, Ste told his friends about what Jed was up to and he later violently attacked Jed because they told him to.

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Ste’s radicalisation storyline first started when Ste wrongly accused Dr Misbah Maalik for the death of his sister Tegan[/caption]

Kieron Richardson, 33 admitted that he was left feeling “dirty and horrible” from the controversial scenes that has filmed with the on-going storyline.

He told Inside Soap Magazine: “The tides are already turning. And too right, because what Ste is doing is disgusting. I’ve taken part in storylines before where my character is crying all day, and it’s hard to shake off.

“But doing the stuff that we’re filming at the moment does make me feel dirty and horrible, because it’s wrong.

“I’m just hoping that there will be some sort of redemption for Ste at the end of this.”

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