Holly Willoughby says she feels ‘numb’ as she and Phillip Schofield have a ‘gong bath’ live on This Morning

Holly Willoughby says she feels ‘numb’ as she and Phillip Schofield have a ‘gong bath’ live on This Morning

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HOLLY Willoughby was left feeling “numb” after she and This Morning co-host tried out a ‘gong bath’ live on air.

The pair were taking part in a new wellness trend that involves sound therapy and a giant gong being banged over your head to send vibrations through your body.

Holly said she felt ‘numb’ when the gong was banged over her head
Leo performed the therapy over Holly and Phil’s bodies

The therapy, which originates from ancient Greece, is send to alleviate stress, boost creativity and improve creativity.

The segment began with Holly, 38, and Phil, 57, chatting to sound and meditation therapist Leo Cosendai, who claims the treatment helped him as it  “eradicated anxiety and panic attacks”.

Holly and Phil then lay on the floor, the studio lights were dimmed and the treatment – which costs around £20 a session- began.

“I will have a sleep now,” Phillip joked, as Leo told him: “No snoring!”

At one point Phil looked shocked as the treatment took effect
Phil opened his eyes as the vibrations travelled through his body
Leo is a sound therapist who performed the treatment

First Leo banged the larger of two gongs hanging from a wooden structure, before picking up a smaller gong and banging it over Phil’s head.

“Oooh, I feel that!” exclaimed Holly.

“Oh wow!” added Phil, looking slightly shocked.

He then moved the gong over Holly’s head.

“It almost makes your head feel numb, do you know what I mean?” Holly asked.

At one point Holly looked over at Phil to see how he was finding it
Phil got the giggles halfway through

“A lot of people feel like they’ve merged with the floor,” Leo answered.

Clearly a bit concerned about the reaction his co-host was having, Phil then asked: “Do people’s heads normally go numb?”

“The head, no,” said Leo, which prompted laughter from Holly as she realised that she wasn’t experiencing the usual effect.

Phil then started giggling himself as Holly added: “I can almost feel it go from ear to ear.”

The pair seemed a bit dazed after the therapy as they closed the show

Leo then reassured her that the treatment was meant to “create this sensation that there are two different beats entering your ear.”

Unfortunately the session had to come to an end as the hosts had to wrap up the show.

“I would like to do this all day but sadly we have got to close the show now,” Phil said, as both he and Holly told Leo the gong bath was “lovely.”

Still appearing slightly dopey, they finished their closing link before deciding to lie back down again.

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