Heavily bandaged Katie Price looks terrifying as she reveals smaller boobs and shares graphic surgery video after 11 hour operation

Heavily bandaged Katie Price looks terrifying as she reveals smaller boobs and shares graphic surgery video after 11 hour operation

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KATIE Price shared a terrifying video where she details her boob reduction surgery and face lift just days after going under the knife.

The former glamour model jetted to Turkey for her latest round of cosmetic surgery this summer and has gone into gruesome detail of what she’s had done.

Katie Price looked in pain as she spoke
ProjeMed, Youtube

In the video, talks with a swollen face that can barely move and a face mask.

The mum-of-five says she had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), where fat is removed and transferred into the butt to make it bigger, as well as boob reduction and facial surgery.

She said: “If I’m honest with you, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. The price of beauty is sometimes you have to go through pain.

“Was it painful? The first surgery I had was uncomfortable.

Katies says she’s happy with her latest batch of surgery
Katie getting measured for her boob reduction

“These boobs have been to America, England, Belgium and now these are Turkey boobs. I’ve just had them reduced.

“My old implants – I have them in a bag – they were a thousand CC and, Jesus, when I hold them they were really heavy.

“I think I’ve got 795 in so that is a lot smaller and they feel smaller. I’m so excited because finally I’m gonna be able to wear clothes I don’t look fat in.

“Although it’s good to have big boobs, it really changes the way you look.”

Katie’s latest surgeries haven’t been gone down well with her family and friends

Katie, 41, adds: “But now I had my face done, I had my eyelids done, I’ve had my under eyelids done and they re-corrected all the surgery done on my ears.

“When they went inside my boobs they said it was such a mess inside there they had to tidy everything up. Am I in pain?

“To be honest, my face, I’m not in pain at all, although it looks like I’m in pain. It’s such an easy surgery.”

Plastic surgery has been a part of Katie’s life since 1995 but she’s ramped up her efforts recently in order to look what she considers perfect.

Kris looked horrified by his bed-bound girlfriend

In a July episode of My Crazy Life, she asked her then-boyfriend Kris Boyson to change her potty as the surgery left her unable to get to the toilet.

Bed-bound and with a swollen face, she said to the 29-year-old fitness instructor: “I look like a bloated alien, it won’t stay like this but my body is is in bits.

“I had liposuction, my own fat injected into my bum, then fat put under my eyes – and a little lift.”

She explained the reason why she was having this surgery was because she was “so sick to death of feeling fat”.

Katie dumped Kris by text on her way to get more surgery in Turkey last month

The surgery hasn’t gone down well with the people closest to her. In that same episode, her mum Amy is furious at what she’s had done.

Amy says: “I’m in shock looking at you, you look terrible.

“You didn’t need to have that done, I don’t know why you keep doing it. I think it’s disgusting.”

Her best friend Kerry Katona was also worried, writing in her column for new! magazine: “Seeing pictures of my friend Katie Price after he recent surgery was pretty awful. Those wounds!”

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