Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy’s latest scheme explained as the Dingle clan turn against her

Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy’s latest scheme explained as the Dingle clan turn against her

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Mandy Dingle’s latest escapades are set to turn the Dingle clan against her in Emmerdale this week.

So what exactly has she been up to?

Let’s find out…

Mandy Dingle
Mandy Dingle and her son Vinny have a bag of cash and casino chips

Is Mandy Dingle back in Emmerdale for good?

Actress Lisa Riley made her long-awaited permanent return to Emmerdale in September 2019 when her character, Mandy Dingle, walked in on her new cousin-in-law, Jessie, buttoning herself up after sleeping with her ex-husband.

Mandy and her son, Vinny, have already paid a visit to Emmerdale earlier this year where Mandy dropped the bombshell on Paddy Kirk that his dad wasn’t really his dad.

Since then Paddy has built a relationship with Bear Wolf – his true biological dad. But it’s been clear that Mandy and Vinny have something else they’re hiding from the rest of the Dingle family.

But what is it?

Mandy Dingle
Aaron Dingle throws Mandy Dingle’s bag of money and casino chips into a barrel of fire

What’s Mandy hiding?

It becomes clear this week that whatever Mandy is hiding has something to do with the bag of money and casino chips she’s caught out with this week.

When Mandy starts acting suspicious around Butlers Farm, Chas realises that something kinda funny is going on with her cousin.

She’s horrified when she catches Mandy with a bag full of cash and casino chips and the rest of the Dingles aren’t too pleased either.

But Mandy is chuffed when Aaron hands her an olive branch and offers to help her get the chips changed.

Mandy Dingle
Mandy Dingle walked in on Jessie kissing her ex-husband, Al

It’s soon obvious that Aaron has other plans though.  He meets Mandy at the scrapyard and leaves her worried when he tells her that he wants commission. When Mandy kicks off, Aaron ‘accidentally’ throws Mandy’s bag of money into a burning barrel.

But is everything as it seems?

Emmerdale fans were delighted when Mandy returned last Thursday and branded Jessie a ‘cheating skank.’

She found herself straight in the middle of drama as she walked into Marlon’s house and caught his wife Jessie snogging her ex-husband, Al.

Jumping apart, Jessie cried: “What the hell are you doing here?”

Looking seriously unimpressed, Mandy replied: “Ruining the moment obviously.”

Jessie immediately told her off for bursting into her home, but she was having none of it.

She said sarcastically: “I think you’ll find this is his house and you won’t be here much longer.”

As Jessie pleaded with Mandy not to tell her cousin, she said: “Have you been on the nail polish? Of course I have to tell him!”

Jessie then brought up Marlon’s young daughter April, and whipping round, Mandy hissed: “Are you really going to go there? His little girl?

“You’re a cheating skank and you’re not going to talk your way out of this one.”


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