David Cameron’s book is nothing more than blame and anti-Brexit cliches — the man’s in denial

David Cameron’s book is nothing more than blame and anti-Brexit cliches — the man’s in denial

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Dave in denial

FOR three years he’s had nothing to do but think inside the £25,000 hut he bought when he walked out of No10 – but David Cameron hasn’t even tried to understand why people voted for Brexit.

His new book For The Record reads like Mills & Boon for Remainers, full of fantasies to drive fellow Europhiles wild. It’s one anti-Brexit cliche after another.

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David Cameron’s book is just blame & anti-Brexit cliches — the man is clearly in denial[/caption]

Talk of a second referendum to correct the first, which he once described as irreversible. The absurd, score-settling description of Michael Gove, one of the most talented men in his Government, as a “foam-flecked Faragist”.

Every Leave-backing politician is portrayed as a liar. Cameron, who told us our decision was final and campaigned behind the blatant lies of Project Fear, for some reason is not.

Boris Johnson backed Brexit to “help his political career”. Dominic Cummings was part of a “cauldron of toxicity”.

Whatever Cameron’s been doing in that shed, it isn’t self-reflection.

Had he gone to the Brexit heartlands and spoken to Leavers, he’d have gained some genuine insight. His book could have been called Changing The Record. Instead it’s just more of the same.

The former PM had a golden opportunity to properly consider why he lost and trashed his career.

He does at least admit he failed to convince Britain. Why, then, blame everyone else?

The former PM claimed Boris Johnson merely backed Brexit to ‘help his political career’
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Glib Dems

YOU won’t have heard of ex-Tory minister Sam Gyimah.

He came out as a Lib Dem at the party’s conference, accusing Boris of “veering towards populism and English nationalism”.

Sam Gyimah accused Boris of ‘veering towards populism and English nationalism’

Gyimah, by contrast, has veered wildly away from his staunchly Conservative beliefs and embraced a party of anti-democratic extremists.

Three months ago he wanted to be Tory Prime Minister. Why would anyone who considers themselves a champion of democracy join a party now openly committed to ignoring it?

The Lib Dems have pledged to cancel Brexit. How pleased with themselves the sea of middle-aged, middle-class, artichoke-chompers looked in their snarky little T-shirts.

Has it not occurred to them that annulling the biggest democratic mandate in a country’s history is the hallmark of totalitarian dictators?

What is truly incredible is that they seem to believe life would revert to normality if they revoke Article 50. They fearmonger about No Deal, but never the far greater risks of No Brexit and the collapse of trust in democracy.

As for Gyimah, we wonder what contortions a low-tax, pro-austerity former minister will go through to fit in with sandal-wearing, Tory-hating lefties.

A warm welcome to him, though, from Jo Swinson’s rescue centre for confused politicians.

Just three months ago Gyimah himself wanted to be a Tory Prime Minister
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