Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker makes the brave decision to stop chemo after growing too weak to hold baby Bertie

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker makes the brave decision to stop chemo after growing too weak to hold baby Bertie

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SINEAD Tinker has some big decisions to make in Coronation Street this week as she begins palliative chemotherapy for her terminal cancer.

Tonight she’ll be seen arranging a visit to a hospice as she tries to decide where to spend her final days.

Coronation Street
Sinead was told she has months to live in Coronation Street last week

After being shown round, her new husband Daniel tells her that he wants to care for her at home until the bitter end.

Sinead promises Daniel that any decision on where she spends her final days will be in the best interests of him and Bertie.

However, when she gets home from her chemo session, Sinead is exhausted. Devastated, she throws up into a bucket while baby Bertie is heard screaming alone in his room.

As the week goes on, Sinead and Daniel are forced to make harder decisions then they ever thought possible.

Coronation Street
Daniel has promised to care for Sinead until the end

When Sinead’s aunt, Beth, tells Daniel that Sinead is so poorly she can’t even hold her own baby, Daniel is given food for thought.

With Beth’s words on his mind and – when Sinead awakes too tired and weak to hold Bertie – Daniel suggests that Sinead stops chemo.

A horrified Sinead flies off the handle and accuses Daniel of wanting her to die sooner because he can’t cope.

While Daniel heads into work to avoid the atmosphere at home, Sinead confesses to Beth that she’s going to give chemo one last try and if it doesn’t make her feel any better, it will be her last.

Coronation Street
Sinead Tinker undergoes another round of chemo
ITV Press Handout

Meanwhile actress Katie McGlynn has confessed that Sinead’s tragic storyline has given her a lust for life.

Speaking about the storyline, Katie told Daily Star: “It has made me realise that time is precious.

“You can’t take any minute for granted because you never know what’s around the corner.

“A plot like this gets instilled in your brain and makes you grateful to be here.”

Sinead found the lump on her wedding day before doctors confirmed she had just months to live.

Katie told Philip Schofield and Holly Willougby on This Morning that she sobbed through her last scenes.

She said: “It’s heartbreaking, but it’s real life. When we were doing scenes that day, I thought that I can’t imagine this happening to me.

“Deep down [Sinead] knows [about her cancer], but she makes sure she enjoys her wedding, she’s so brave.”

Also, the actress said she told bosses she wanted her to die: “I was talking to [Corrie bosses] Iain [MacLeod] and Kate [Oates] about this story.

“I told them that I think I might want to leave due to not having a big storyline, but when I was given this, I told her that I want her to die as life isn’t a fairytale.”

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