Piers Morgan launches into Twitter rant as he insists Dora the Explorer to be ‘gender-neutralised’

Piers Morgan launches into Twitter rant as he insists Dora the Explorer to be ‘gender-neutralised’

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PIERS Morgan has been causing a stir on Twitter again – this time by calling for Dora the Explorer to be “gender-neutralised”.

The Good Morning Britain co-host ranted on the micro-blogging site that men will not want to be explorers if Dora identifies as female.

Piers has been lashing out against Dora the Explorer

His original tweet reads: “Dora the Explorer is sexist & discourages men from becoming explorers.”

When someone quote tweeted “When will male explorers finally get their break.”, Piers, 54, said: “As soon as Dora is gender-neutralised. I don’t know any man who will now want to be an explorer so long as she identifies as female.”

This made a lot of people angry with the former newspaper editor, but this just spurred him on more.

In reply to a now-deleted tweet, he wrote: “Hi Jane, I’ve had literally thousands of men tell me they will never be explorers now because of Dora. The problem will only be solved when she is made gender-neutral.”

He added: “How DARE you mock my very real anxiety that Dora is preventing men from exploring because she’s female!? Even Indiana Jones would be deterred if he ever watched her cartoon series. Fact.”

Dora the Explorer is a children’s show following the adventures of young Dora through an animated world. The show helps kids learn Spanish.

This appears to be a tongue-in-cheek tirade after his interview with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Services boss Les Britzman, who stopped putting Fireman Sam on their promotional material in order to drum up female recruits.

Piers – who co-hosts GMB alongside Susanna Reid – is known for his confrontational style

He claimed there were “scientific studies” linking the representation of cartoon characters and gender and racial disparity in the workforce.

Brtizman told Piers on GMB earlier this week: “It’s a sad fact that 95 percent of our workforce are men, whereas half our population are women.

“The reason more women don’t want to be firefighters is because of images like Fireman Sam.”

However, a furious Morgan replied: “But you’re the head of the Lincolnshire Fire Service and you’re a man, right?

Les Britzman clashed with Piers on the show

“Why are you not a woman if you feel so furious that the front person for the fire service should be male? Will you be resigning then, given that you feel so strongly about this?”

The gender debate has riled Piers up multiple times this year.

The dad-of-four was furious over a gay penguin couple adopting a “gender neutral” baby in a London aquarium, as well as the revelation BBC films are being used in schools to teach children there are “100 genders or more”.

On GMB, he moaned the “world has gone nuts” over gender, adding: “I’m going to say that now I am identifying as a penguin and I demand to be allowed into the penguin enclosure at the aquarium and live with the penguins.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid at the TV Choice Awards
Lia Toby/WireImage

“This is the way the world is going, when I talk about this people go, ‘You are so intolerant’ and if you dare challenge these people they want you fired, expunged, sacked.”

Piers started the year off angry at gender too, after going on a furious tirade against Gillette’s advert that challenged toxic masculinity in January.

He labelled the advert part of “a war against masculinity driven by radical feminists” and vowed to stop using the brand.

Perhaps most famous of all was his rant against Greggs’ vegan sausage roll.

Piers has been angry at recent gender neutral debates
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When the bakery’s official Twitter account announced the new roll, Piers quickly said: “Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns.”

Greggs got one up on the host, with a reply of “Oh hello Piers, we’ve been expecting you” that was retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times.

Piers replied: “Isn’t it time you changed your name to something more gender-fluid & less toxically masculine.”

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