Peaky Blinders fans predict Tom Hardy will make a sensational return tonight – despite gangster character’s brutal death

Peaky Blinders fans predict Tom Hardy will make a sensational return tonight – despite gangster character’s brutal death

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PEAKY Blinders viewers reckon fan favourite Tom Hardy will make a shocking return to the show in tonight’s episode – despite his character being killed off at the end of the last series.

The rampant speculation that 42 year-old Tom’s gangster alter ego Alfie Solomons will show up again in the hit show comes after a teaser for this week’s instalment dropped hints that there would be a sensational comeback in store.

Tom’s character Alfie was killed off at the end of last series

A clip was posted by the BBC on twitter from tonight’s episode, the fifth in series five, with the caption: “Tommy pays a visit to an old friend in brand new #PeakyBlinders.”

The two minute long preview sees Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) at an asylum, where he is visiting someone.

After being searched by the guard, Tommy tells him: “He was my friend.”

The guard replies: “Yeah, well he’s nobody’s friend anymore. He’s a f**king animal.”

We then see Tommy being led through several dimly lit corridors as we hear the screams of inmates echoing off the walls.

He then pays the guard so he can be left alone with his friend, who viewers don’t see in the clip, and the guard warns him: “It’s your funeral, I’ll have to lock you in.”

Tommy gets searched in the clip as he arrives at the Asylum
Tommy is led to meet an old friend
A sign on the wall shows that Tommy is visiting an ‘Asylum for the insane’


Tom Hardy starred in three series of the hit show[/caption]

The clip ends as Tommy walks into a dark cell, and fans are certain that it must be Alfie that’s inside.

One excited viewer posted on twitter: “OMFG if this is Alfie I’m gonna flip. #PeakyBlinders”.

Another said: “Long trailer… big tease for Sunday! It has GOT to be Alfie!! Who else could it be? Tommy doesn’t have many friends. If this is Alfie Twitter will explode.”

A third posted: “2 episodes left yet I’m still hoping that alfie would show up I still don’t believe he is dead:((”

A fourth begged: “Ok @ThePeakyBlinder PLEASE can you miraculously make it so Alfie Solomons is’d be biblical mate..we need him yeah? It aint kosher without him.”

And a fifth said: “Wouldn’t it be nice is Alfie showed up to save Tommy this season as well #PeakyBlinders #fanfiction.”


Tom is a star of the small screen and the big screen
Getty Images – Getty

Fans were devastated when Alfie was killed off at the end of series four.

After Tommy confronted him on the beach for betraying him, Alfie revealed he was dying of skin cancer and didn’t have long left.

He then asked Tommy to shoot him and end his misery but Tommy was reluctant.

But after Alfie shot Tommy in the side, Tommy pulled the trigger and shot Alfie in the face.

Alfie has been in the show for three series, joining in the second run back in 2014.

Hollywood star Tom is famous for a string of big screen hits including The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road and Inception.

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