Fen Tiger ‘bigger than Labrador with huge neck’ spotted stalking Suffolk village

Fen Tiger ‘bigger than Labrador with huge neck’ spotted stalking Suffolk village

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THE elusive Fen Tiger has been spotted stalking a Suffolk village after three decades of rumours and sightings.

The creature – bigger than a Labrador with a huge neck – was seen in Ipswich just this week as the legend around its existence continues.

The Fen Tiger was filmed in the Suffolk countryside
The Fen Tiger was filmed in the Suffolk countryside

Sightings of the big cat, dubbed the Fen Tiger, have been coming in thick and fast since 1982, but not many people have managed to snap a photo.

And Jamie Newby said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he zoomed his camera in on the mysterious creature.

He said he and his partner Hayley spotted the cat about 6.30am and around 400 yards away from their AirBnB in Ipswich, Suffolk.

The 46-year-old, from Wisbech, Cambs., told Cambridgeshire Live: “My girlfriend spotted it at first as she opened the curtains 6.30am of our the Airbnb bedroom we were staying in.

“At first she thought it was maybe a small deer. So I grabbed my camera as we’d like to have caught a picture of it.

“But as soon as the camera focused, I could see it was a very large cat – about the size of medium sized dog.


The Fen Tiger has become the stuff of legend after dozens of sightings over 30 years.

According to reports, the animal appears to be some kind of large feline that has stalked the area around Cambridgeshire.

One of the first sightings was in 1982 in Cottenham, Cambs, with locals reporting everything from a large cheetah to a ‘brown-coloured beast’ seen slinking in the grass.

At one point, 12 baby rabbits reportedly died from fright after a creature ripped open their hutch in Milton.

In another incident, a wild cat was caught on camera in 1994.

And in 1994, school children were warned to keep inside after builders reported seeing the legendary Fen Tiger.

But despite the dozens of reports, we are seemingly little closer to finding out exactly what the Fen Tiger is, or where it came from.

“It had a very powerful build on its upper, haunches it had vertical black stripes could only really see the root of the tail for most of the sighting but the tail was long and looked thick.”

The footage shows the large cat sitting in the grass before shaking its head.

It can then be seen walking through the grass and sitting up to attention.

And Jamie claimed his camera’s memory card shut off before it could capture the moment the animal appeared to “pounce” on its prey.

Local legend has it that the animal has been prowling around Cambridgeshire for more than three decades, with speculation it is now making its way to Suffolk.

The big cat, dubbed the Fen Tiger, was first spotted in 1982 – sparking dozens of sightings since then.

Residents called police 63 times from 1998 to 2010 about the mysterious creature and dozens of reports have been recorded since.

In the past five years alone, police have received eleven calls to reports of a Fen Tiger.At one point, a Cambridge University zoologist examined video footage in 1994, saying it appeared to be a 3ft-high puma , leopard or jaguar.

The animal was described as being large like a Labrador
The animal was described as being large like a Labrador

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