Boris Johnson will come to the rescue as The Incrediblue Hulk and drag Britain out of the EU once and for all

Boris Johnson will come to the rescue as The Incrediblue Hulk and drag Britain out of the EU once and for all

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DAVID CAMERON spends 700 pages of his Downing Street memoirs searching for someone to blame for his decision to hold and then lose the 2016 Referendum.

He castigates Boris Johnson and ex-pal Michael Gove as liars and, inevitably, blames the media for peddling their propaganda.

Intense pressures are building up on Boris Johnson as he prepares to battle to win a deal in Brussels

Yet the real explanation for this chaos lies in a single sentence in his memoirs: “The latent Leaver gene in the Tory party was more dominant than I had foreseen.”

What?! Did David Cameron, the young adviser who stood alongside Chancellor Norman Lamont on the day the UK crashed out of the Euro in 1992, really not understand Tory anger over Europe?

Was he paying attention when Margaret Thatcher was ousted — to the fury of her party — over her, “No, No, No”, to ever-expanding EU power?

Did he miss the Cabinet “bastards” who nearly brought down Prime Minister John Major over Maastricht in 1995?

And what about the EU’s own polls at the time showing deep and bitter resentment — not just here but across Europe — to Brussels stomping on Greece.


If Mr Cameron was indeed so naive, he deserves his place alongside Theresa May as one of Britain’s worst ever Prime Ministers.

As for alleged lies, why is there no mention of George Osborne’s Project Fear nightmare fantasy — tactics justified to me by the ex-Chancellor as “all’s fair in love and war”.

Despite those Remain lies — and despite Brexit — Britain today boasts Europe’s best jobs record, best economic growth and the safest destination for billions of pounds in foreign investment.

Meanwhile, the giant Dutch bank ING yesterday warned that Europe, already battling a jobs catastrophe, is sliding into stagnation with dire risk of “social and political turmoil”.

Yet this is the moment a Remainer rabble led by Lib Dem and Labour loonies has chosen to block Brexit and force us, weakened and demoralised, back into the EU’s clutches.

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Boris Johnson will meet Jean Claude Juncker in hope of seeking a better deal[/caption]


Mr Juncker recently said that he was ‘not optimistic’ any deal could be struck[/caption]

Immense pressures in Parliament and the law courts are piling up on Boris Johnson as he gamely battles to win a deal in Brussels.

Poison dwarf John Bercow — Parliament’s very own “Despicable Me, Me, Me” — scandalously threatens to use all his vast powers to wreck Brexit and stop No Deal.

Downing Street under-estimated the egomaniac’s readiness to abuse his historic role as impartial Speaker and join the fray as both player and referee.

So what happens next?

Boris today meets Jean-Claude Juncker, now in his dying days as Euro chief, to seek a better deal. Even sober, Juncker is unlikely to yield enough to satisfy the UK on the Irish backstop.

And, in fact, who cares? Few of the 17.4million who voted for Brexit have a clue what the backstop is all about and — rightly or wrongly — even less interest in Northern Ireland.


They couldn’t care less if, as someone in Downing Street suggested, it fell into the Irish Sea.

They do want Brexit sorted. But not at any price.

Voters won’t accept a rehashed version of Theresa May’s botched deal as reward for three years of political agony.

Not once they realise Brussels has won hands down, while we’ve surrendered all power over its relentless march to a federal superstate.

It certainly won’t entice them to vote Tory next time rather than for a resurgent Brexit Party.

Without an unlikely Real Deal, the Conservative Party — thanks almost entirely to those 21 so-called rebels who abandoned the Government in its hour of need — is doomed to extinction.

We have a long way to go in a very short time. The Supreme Court has yet to hear an appeal by mischief-making Gina Miller against Parliament’s five-week break.

It would be remarkable if the judges decided to meddle in such stormy political waters.

But one way or another, my money is still on Boris, mad as hell, bursting out of his rumpled suit as The Incredible Hulk.

And, despite every boulder and tree placed in his path, dragging Britain out of the European Union once and for all on October 31 . . . deal or No Deal.

Starmer the schemer

IT’S easy to believe Sir “Schemer” Starmer is plotting to dislodge Jeremy Corbyn and replace him as a Remain-crusading Labour leader.

He would see it as reward for, as Director of Public Prosecutions, putting dozens of Sun journalists in the dock on trumped-up conspiracy charges – rejected by the Appeal Court as a threat to Press freedom.

But Labour needs to consider two points. Could they win an election under this brown-nosed opportunist?

And what would be the point of any pro-Brussels party once we’d finally broken free from the EU?

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