World’s most bizarre inventions revealed including chicken glasses, self-tipping hat and robot walking machine

World’s most bizarre inventions revealed including chicken glasses, self-tipping hat and robot walking machine

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SOME of last century’s most weird and wacky inventions have been revealed – including safety glasses for chickens and a hilarious self-tipping hat.

The bizarre patents are all revealed in a colouring book put together by the US National Archives and Records Administration.

And it doesn’t take too long to see why many of these “life-changing ideas” didn’t make it off the drawing board.

Here are a few of the very best….

Chicken glasses – 1903

Tennessee farmer Andrew Jackson was so concerned his flock would be pecked in the eyes by rival birds he invented these chicken safety glasses. Features include construction that makes them easy to put on and remove plus there are promises that there will be “no hindrance to the chicken’s eyesight.”

Self-tipping hat – 1896

James C Boyle was such a gent he invented this superb hat which automatically tipped itself to effect “polite salutations by the elevation and rotation of the hat on the head of the saluting party.” He also suggested using the ‘titfer’ for pop-up ads to bring in a few extra dollars.

Robot ride – 1958

Created by Salvatore Cirami in 1958, the patent describes the ride as having a rocking motion to simulate the experience of walking “and giving the riders more or less the sensation of a walking giant.” It was, apparently, aimed at children.

Baseball catcher – 1904

At the turn of the century, Illinois man James Edward Bennett invented this “base ball catcher” to help improve the much-loved sport. He wrote the invention was to be used by catchers and other players to help them protect their hands – and clearly the rest of their bodies.

Mechanical frog – 1910

Charles A. Lewis of Colorado invented this bizarre mechanical toy in 1911. The patents states “after the spring is wound, place the frog on the floor or on a table and the tension of the spring affects rods inside the frog’s body, leading to the extension of the hind legs, lifting up the bottom in what appears to be a hopping motion.”

One wheeled car – 1885


John Otto Lose of New Jersey set out to make improvements to the unicycle, according to an 1885 patent filing for a one-wheeled vehicle. The design calls for a unicycle inside of a circular contraption that a person sits in while pedalling  – clearly allowing the rider to smoke a fag

Space capsule -1959

Created by a small team of inventors in the 1950s this “space capsule” invention is meant to be launched into orbital flight with a person inside. The patent suggests launching the dodgy-looking craft on a missile.

Commuter hammock – 1889

Any commuter who has been stuck on a delayed train for countless hours would appreciate this bizarre invention. The portable was designed for “public transportation seats, specifically railroad cars” during late night journeys.

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