Kerry Katona lashes out at nasty trolls as she claims they MAKE celebrities go under the knife

Kerry Katona lashes out at nasty trolls as she claims they MAKE celebrities go under the knife

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KERRY Katona has lashed out a cruel trolls after they told her to “get more surgery” after she was pictured in a bikini.

The mum-of-five showed off her tummy as she stepped out with Ryan Mahoney in Thailand.

Kerry Katona was targeted by cruel trolls over this snap with beau Ryan Maloney

But it wasn’t long before Kerry, 39, was getting vile messages sent to her about her appearance.

One troll said: “Not this space and her gross lumpy body again.

“It’s not the size of her, it’s the face that all the repeated lipo has left her body oddly rippled. That’s what happens when you are lazy and cheat.”

Another added: “Just lol at her swimmer and belly.

The mum-of-five proudly showed off her amazing figure

Someone else said: “Don’t know where to start on this one. Sculptured abs will do for starters, then the lips, hair and the list goes on. I think she was trying for the look of the girl modelling the swimsuit – massive fail.”

Refusing to take the nasty comments lying down, Kerry shared the image on social media and some of the comments she had received.

She told fans: “Just want to share and show the world how horrendous hurtful people can be in the world with their words!

“I have bipolar, I have made mistakes, I am a human being, I have feelings, I’ve had heartache, I am a mother, and I am a woman, i do my very best to stay on track!

“I really hope people will learn after watching Jess last night just how hurt people can be!!! We’re not all perfect but who is!!! #bekindtooneanother xxxxxx.

“Being in the public eye doesn’t make us in human we don’t have super powers to turn the hurt off! I just really wanted you all to know what a cruel world w live in!! Luckily I’m strong person I’ve been in this Industry for 20 years so I’ve learnt to deal with it!!

“It’s taken me a very very long time to realise “other people’s opinions of me do not define me as a person”!! My body tells a story… a story of love, hurt, wrongs, rights, babies I love my tiger stripes and then people wonder why so many of us go under the knife!!!!”

Kerry has been putting on a brave face throughout the difficult past weeks

She added: “Would you walk up to somebody in the street and make all the vile comment you make to them online to their face? No you wouldn’t!
“So why do you think it’s acceptable to do it from behind a computer or phone screen.

“If you don’t like something that you see, why not just ignore it, instead of spewing anonymous hate to people who don’t know you?!
“Your words can be more powerful to someone with mental health problems, than a physical hit.

“Why is it so hard to people to just be nice, or say nothing at all?”

Kerry has been spending quality time with her boyfriend Ryan after jetting on holiday with her kids for the first time since the death of her estranged husband George Kay.

She was left devastated last month after his untimely drug-related death.

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