I set up an Instagram profile to look at self-harm images – before trying to kill myself at 19

I set up an Instagram profile to look at self-harm images – before trying to kill myself at 19

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SNAPPING a picture and posting on Instagram is like a modern-day diary for many teenagers.

But for 19-year-old Tee, from Northamptonshire, the images weren’t arty shots of her breakfast or her feet in a warm mountain of sand.

Tee made a ‘mental health Instagram account’ where she would post images of skinny body with captions claiming she ‘looked fat’ – in this image she was a size 6 and fainting daily from the lack of food
Tee is seen here in 2016 at one of her lowest weight before being transferred to St. Andrews for mental health support

Instead, the teen shared pictures of herself showing her stick thin legs and would write degrading comments underneath, such as: “Fat as f***”.

She would obsessively scroll through accounts showing girls with their ribs poking out or horrific self-harm injuries.

It would soon send her into a downward spiral with her mental health and fuel her negative thoughts about her own image.

Tee started battling with an eating disorder – starving herself to the point where she would faint daily – and self-harming.

Eventually, she was sectioned and sent to a mental health hospital in 2017 for her own safety.

She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, complex PTSD and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, following abuse she suffered in her childhood.

Opening up

Now 22-years-old, Tee is starting to recover and is opening up about how social media impacted on her mental health as part of The Sun’s You’re Not Alone campaign.

This week, we are publishing a series of articles looking at the mental health time bomb facing Britain’s kids.

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