Tom Watson accused of ‘sticking two fingers up at Labour voters’ by demanding the party campaigns to Remain in the EU

Tom Watson accused of ‘sticking two fingers up at Labour voters’ by demanding the party campaigns to Remain in the EU

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LABOUR’S deputy Tom Watson was last night accused of sticking “two fingers up” at the party’s voters by demanding they campaign to Remain in the EU.

Labour MP and former frontbencher Emma Lewell-Buck lashed him for “alienating” voters in the party’s heartlands.

Tom Watson has been accused of ‘sticking two fingers up at Labour voters’

And she said she would rather do a deal with Nigel Farage than Jo Swinson because she is so disgusted by the Lib Dem policy to cancel Brexit.

Her savage attack comes as Labour continues to be torn apart by its bitter Brexit civil war.

Mr Watson lobbed a grenade into the mix earlier this week when she called for a second referendum to be held before a general election.

But Ms Lewell-Buck savaged the “unhelpful” intervention.

She raged: “It alienates members of Parliament like me who are trying to seek a deal and move forward with the result of the referendum that we promised people we would do.

“It also alienates a hell of a lot of Labour voters who voted leave.”

Slamming his call for the party to fully back Remain, she added: “I think when MPs start taking a stance of telling their constituents, ‘We’ll give you a vote and we’ll adhere to it and then saying actually we’re cleverer than you, we know more than you and we’re just going to stick two fingers up to your votes I think that’s a dangerous path to travel.”

“People have already spoken. After the referendum we had a general election and 80 per cent of MPs in the house had in their manifesto, we will respect the result of the referendum.”

She also said she would rather go into Coalition with the Brexit Party than the Lib Dems.

She said: “Even though I despise everything they stand for I could not go into league with a party that wants to revoke Article 50.”

Labour MP Emma Lewell-Buck lashed Watson ‘for alienating voters in party’s heartlands’
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