Mum’s hell at being raped weekly by her husband including in the kitchen in front of their children

Mum’s hell at being raped weekly by her husband including in the kitchen in front of their children

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A MUM has revealed her torment after being raped weekly by her monster husband in front of their five children.

Jane Hanmore, 35, was repeatedly attacked by Brian Hanmore, 40, in a ten-year campaign of abuse in their house of horrors.

Jane Hanmore has revealed how her husband raped her weekly for ten years
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Brian Hanmore has now been caged for ten years
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The fiend branded his wife “fat” and “lazy” and would put his hands around her throat, verbally abuse her and pull her hair.

Jane has now bravely waived her anonymity to speak out about the horrific abuse after Hanmore was last year caged for ten years in Bournemouth.

She told The Sun Online: “I’m speaking out to show others that you can rebuild your life after abuse.
“It’s never too late to escape and get justice.”

Jane’s nightmare ordeal began in 2001 when Hanmore began hurling vile insults at her just months after they first met.

But when their first child was just five months old, the monster raped her for the first time after Jane refused to have sex with him.

Jane was first raped by Hanmore just five months after their first child was born
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Jane was left feeling “ashamed and disgusting” but the attack was the first in a ten-year hell that saw Hanmore rape his wife even when their five children walked in the room.

Jane said: “I could never escape. One day the children walked into the kitchen as Brian was raping me while I stood at the sink and when they asked why I was crying, I lied and said I’d cut my finger.

“Then I told them to go back into the living room as he carried on.

“I was too scared to tell anyone, and Brian made me feel that no one would believe me.”

In 2012, Jane finally plucked up the courage to order Hanmore to leave – but even living under a separate roof didn’t stop the mental and physical torture.

The thug refused to leave Jane alone- breaking into her house and bombarding her with phonecalls.

Even when the mum got a non-molestation order against her husband, he constantly breached it and carried out savage attacks on Jane.

She said: “One day Brian walked into my house and refused to leave.

“He threw me to the ground, strangled me then dragged me into the living room by my hair.

Jane is now trying to move on her with her life
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“Luckily, two of my sons who were 12 and 14, heard my screams and rushed to my rescue. One called the police.

“They helped me get him out and lock the front door.”

Hanmore was arrested and admitted breaching the order and assault by beating – but he continued to ring Jane dozens of times a day.

After reaching breaking point, Jane bravely called police and told them about the ten years of abuse she had suffered at the hands of her husband.

In 2018, Hanmore was caged for ten years after admitting five counts of rape at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Fuller QC said: “This is humiliation of a kind which is exceptional.”

Jane is now trying to move on with her life and hopes by speaking out, she can persuade other victims to do the same.

She said: “I’m relieved that I’m safe from Brian’s clutches, but I wish he’d been jailed for longer.

“I am still rebuilding my life.
“Please speak out if you’re being abused– these men need to be exposed to the world for the monsters they truly are.”

Hanmore admitted raping Jane at Bournemouth Crown Court
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