Incredible footage shows rare fire tornado after out of control blaze breaks out at Brazilian farm

Incredible footage shows rare fire tornado after out of control blaze breaks out at Brazilian farm

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A WHIRLWIND of flames was seen over a farm in Brazil after an extremely rare “fire tornado” broke out.

Incredible footage shows the huge tornado of flames – also known as a “fire devil” – arcing towards the sky with a series of explosions amd plumes of thick smoke.

The whirlwind was caused by specific weather conditions
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The phenomenon took hold on farmland near Santa Helena de Goiás, central west Brazil.

Footage also seems to show someone with a fire-hose, although it’s unclear how they plan on tackling the blaze.

Farm workers were clearing the lands with controlled fires when the tornado sprung out of the blaze.

A perfect storm of weather and climate conditions cultivated the fiery beast, which sent flames metres into the sky.

The “fire devil” was activated when a wind column passed over a burning parched area of land, turning smouldering embers into a full-blown flaming twister.

Meteorological experts at Sao Paulo’s Somar Meteorology Institute claimed the formation is one of the rarest natural occurrences.

They said the phenomenon only occurs in very specific atmospheric conditions and is a combination of high temperatures, turbulent winds, low air humidity and dry soil.

The whirlwind blaze normally consists of a burning core and a rotating pocket of air, forming a revolving structure – similar to a tornado.

There were a number of reported injuries from the tornado of flames before farmhands were able to get it under control.

According to Live Science, “Fire tornadoes, or fire whirls, ignite when a fire acquires a vertical rotating column of air.

“These weird weather events can be more than a half a mile tall and contain winds over 100 mph (161 kph).

“Fire whirls may be whirlwinds separated from the flames, or a vortex of flame, itself.

“Most fire tornadoes form during wildfires and help the wildfire spread.

“They may reach up to 200 feet (50 meters) tall, 10 feet (3 m) wide, but typically die out after a few minutes. Some of the largest, however, can reach up to half a mile tall, last for over 20 minutes, and have been known to uproot giant trees.”

The incredible fiery tornado grew out of a controlled blaze

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