How big are mouse spiders, are they in the UK, where do they live and is their bite venomous?

How big are mouse spiders, are they in the UK, where do they live and is their bite venomous?

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MOUSE spiders have a venomous bite and invade British homes in the Autumn.

Here’s everything you need to know about mouse spiders and where they are found in the UK.


Mouse spiders can grow up to 3cm in length[/caption]

How big are mouse spiders and what are they?

At around 1cm long, mouse spiders get their name from the mouse-like hairs growing over their brown/grey bodies.

They can grow to 3cm, run very fast and are mostly nocturnal.

Male mouse spiders are usually around a cm shorter than the females.

They are of the genus Missulena. This genus has 11 known species and are mostly widespread across Australia.

Are mouse spiders in the UK and where do they live?

The creatures are widespread in Britain and are usually seen in Autumn as October is spider mating season.

Experts have already warned of a 150 million strong invasion of giant spiders this year because the warm summer produced more flies for them to feed on.

Mouse spiders live in burrows covered in soil with a hinged top – known as a trapdoor.

Their burrows sometimes reach depths of 30cm.

Mouse spiders are venomous

Are mouse spiders venomous?

Although they do have a noticeable bite, the spiders don’t pose any real threat to humans.

But they have been known to cause allergic reactions in people and can cause severe illness among children.

Spiders usually only bite people if they become trapped in your clothes or are handled roughly.

Anyone bitten by a mouse spider is advised to seek medical attention immediately.

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