Hilarious video shows US Marine faint THREE times on first skydive while trying overcome fear of heights

Hilarious video shows US Marine faint THREE times on first skydive while trying overcome fear of heights

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HILARIOUS footage shows a US marine fainting three times while skydiving to try to overcome his fear of heights.

Eriq Adame, 23, has such a strong phobia he has never even been on a roller coaster, so signed up to complete a tandem jump over Jamul, California.

Eriq Sadame, 23, signed up for a tandem skydive while trying to overcome his fear of heights
The US marine can be seen repeatedly fainting in footage of the jump

Footage of the dive was captured on a handheld camera, and shows how he responds to stepping out of a plane at 12,500 feet.

For the first few seconds, he can be seen screaming and looking terrified.

But after he has falling a few thousand feet, his expression fades and his eyes can be seen rolling back in his head.

He then wakes up and continues screaming shortly before his instructor releases the parachute.

After slowing down and taking in the view, Eriq passes out again.

His instructor, apparently unaware, can be seen laughing and smiling towards the camera.

Eriq then removes his goggles to better admire his surroundings, only to faint for a third time.

After he wakes up, his instructor is heard saying, “Here we are, 3,000 feet. How you feeling?”, to which Eriq replies,”I feel good”.

The instructor then launches into a corkscrew, to which Eriq responds by closing his eyes and shouting: “Stop, stop, stop, stop. Don’t do that s**t.”

Speaking later, Eriq said: “Once I was on the ground, I was just thankful I was alive and that I didn’t wet my pants.

“I’m still trying to get over my fear by going skydiving again.

“I was tired of letting my fear get the best of me and stopping me from living to the fullest.

“I was trying not to think going up to the plane, but once I got on, I started freaking out and just thought about the money I already wasted up to that point and that I just needed to jump.

“I only remember landing on the ground, the blackouts made me forget most of the falling.

“The blackouts felt like I was asleep but waking up from them realising that I’m falling out of the sky was the worst.”

The video shows Eriq’s eyes rolling back in his head
Eriq is able to spend some time taking in the view
…before passing out again
Eric said later he was ‘thankful to be alive’ after arriving safely back on solid ground

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