Ben Shephard accuses Ashley James of having a frozen face in awkward scenes on Good Morning Britain

Ben Shephard accuses Ashley James of having a frozen face in awkward scenes on Good Morning Britain

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BEN Shephard accused Ashley James of having a frozen face on Good Morning Britain today.

Kate Garraway was mortified for Ashley, 32, after there was an awkward pause and Ben added “what?”

Ben Shephard left Ashley James shocked when he said she has a frozen face in an awkward chat on Good Morning Britain today

Ex Made In Chelsea star Ashley was invited on to fill in for absent showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold, and sported glowing make-up and an elegant dress.

The panel had just discussed Simon Cowell revealing his botox regrets, when Ashley admitted she couldn’t confirm if he still gets injections.

But Ben, 44, made a flurry of hand gestures and as he commented: “Is that because your face doesn’t move either? So you can’t compare them?”

Viewers heard Ashley gasp and Kate squealed “Good grief Ben, you can’t say that” before she tried to smooth it over and added: “She’s young, she hasn’t a wrinkle on her.”

Kate shuffled in her chair and Ben giggled

The reality star and DJ quickly recovered from the shock of Ben’s comment and insisted: “I do have my own lips!

“I can’t blame you for that comment. It’s Friday the 13th.”

But it was the second time that Ben had put his foot in it today.

Moments earlier, the panel discussed Angelina Jolie’s make-up transformation into Evil Disney character Maleficent.


Self-deprecating Kate said: “I’m doing the opposite, I’m trying to de-evil myself.”

But Ben quipped off camera: “Not possible.”

Kate ignored him and asked Ashley about the sequel to the 2014 hit movie, which drops in cinemas next month.

Ashley James grew up on a dairy farm with her hairdresser mum and motorway worker dad, but now hangs out with the likes of Gigi Hadid at parties.

She carved a showbiz career for herself over the past six years, dating famous men like David Walliams, flaunting her curves on Instagram and ditching her Geordie accent.

Ashley had a strict upbringing and wasn’t even allowed to watch TV – she was sent to boarding school aged eight and previously told Sun Online: “I should have a Geordie accent – my parents have a Geordie accent. I used to get bullied for being the not posh one so I put on a fake posh accent and it’s stuck with me all these years.”

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