Tory Brexiteers urge Boris Johnson to reverse rejection of Farage pact and join up with Brexit Party to win election majority

Tory Brexiteers urge Boris Johnson to reverse rejection of Farage pact and join up with Brexit Party to win election majority

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HARDLINE Brexiteers have urged Boris Johnson to reverse his decision to rule out an election pact with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

The Prime Minister snubbed Mr Farage’s offer as Tory aides slammed the former UKIP leader’s character.

Boris Johnson has flatly rejected Nigel Farage’s offer of an election pact
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Mr Farage offered the pact between his party and the Conservatives, on the condition Mr Johnson signed up for “a clean-break Brexit.”

The Brexit party leader told No10 he would not stand candidates against sitting Tory MPs or in their target seats if he was allowed a free run in 80 to 90 seats. He even offered to campaign for the Tories if the PM pledged to deliver a No Deal Brexit.

However, in an astonishing personal attack, a senior Tory source branded Mr Farage and his pro-Brexit campaigning ally and donor Aaron Banks “not fit and proper persons”.

Mr Farage and Mr Banks led the Leave.EU campaign during the 2016 referendum – the rival group to the official Vote Leave campaign led by Mr Johnson and his chief adviser Dominic Cummings, who tried to steer the issue away from immigration.

Mr Farage immediately hit back at No10’s snub and warned his new Brexit party could be Mr Johnson’s “best friends or their worst enemies”.

The spat alarmed staunch Brexiteers who believe a deal with Mr Farage – who dismissed government No Deal warnings as “utter tosh” yesterday – because it would avoid the Leave vote being split.

Steve Baker, chairman of the European Research Group of Tory MPs, claimed the Brexit Party contained “many high quality people”.

He said: “I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how we win a general election and reunite the Conservative coalition without committing to some sort of arrangement – even an informal one – with the Brexit Party.”

Another Conservative Brexiteer told the MailOnline that a formal pact with Mr Farage’s Brexit Party remained a possibility – but only if he ditched his No Deal “red line”.

He said the Tories needed to come to some sort of arrangement to boost their chance of winning a general election outright.

Mr Farage said his party would be prepared to enter a deal similar to the DUP’s after the election — but he ruled out forming a coalition.

Meanwhile his party revealed plans for a mass pro-Brexit demonstration on October 31 in Parliament Square.

A YouGov poll showed six in ten Tory voters, and seven in ten Brexit Party voters, said they back an election deal.

Mr Farage added: “If Boris Johnson decides to go for clean-break Brexit then his strength and my strength would be unstoppable. He could get Brexit done, beat Corbyn and be a hero — what’s not to like?”

Nigel Farage warning his new party could be Mr Johnson’s ‘best friends or their worst enemies’
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Mr Farage has urged the Tories to join him in delivering a ‘clean break’ Brexit
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