Rylan’s Supermarket Sweep accused of excluding older contestants by flabbergasted viewers

Rylan’s Supermarket Sweep accused of excluding older contestants by flabbergasted viewers

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SUPERMARKET Sweep has been making waves on social media since returning to screens on Monday.

The game show, formerly fronted by the late Dale Winton, now is headed up by Rylan Clark-Neal, who has gone down a treat with viewers.

Supermarket Sweep contestants
The show has been dominated by younger contestants

However, many eagle-eyed fans took issue with the contestants gracing the reboot, specifically the lack of age diversity.

Seemingly following in the footsteps on fellow ITV2 favourite Love Island, the show has taken to casting a string of twenty-somethings, and fans quickly took to social media to point out as much.

“I haven’t watched much of this new Supermarket Sweep but one thing I’ve noticed is that every contestant is the same kind of person in their 20s,” one Twitter user fumed.

“I get that it’s ITV2 and that’s kind of their demographic but is there any need to full on exclude anyone nearing the age of 40?”

Rylan Clark Neal
Rylan continues to be a hit with viewers despite their grievances
PA:Press Association

A second asked: “What’s with all these young people on Supermarket Sweep? When are we gonna see middle age people or OAPs on the show?”

Meanwhile a third chimed in: “I’m noticing you can’t be above the age of 25 on the new series of Supermarket Sweep.”

Echoing the grievance, a fourth added: “Are there only under 30 age range contestants on Supermarket Sweep?”

Supermarket Sweep viewers have found all manner of things to complain about this week.

The show previously sparked a food waste row


Many were appalled on Monday night when a contestants threw fresh fruit all over the floor before trampling it, branding the show irresponsible on the grounds of food waste.

They claimed the show should consider using fake food, despite Rylan previously explaining that where appropriate, leftover food was donated.

“For TV purposes we want it to be looking pristine, but there are still three, four, five weeks on that fresh produce so we donate it,” he said on This Morning.

“All the food is real, we replenish it every three or four days and all of the products that are perishable but still best before they don’t go to waste.”

Some viewers also complained about the show now occupying a full hour slot rather than the original 30 minutes, as well as the show airing every night, claiming the scheduling was an “overkill”.

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