Game of Thrones’ Catelyn Stark returned to The North to protect Arya in tragic deleted scene

Game of Thrones’ Catelyn Stark returned to The North to protect Arya in tragic deleted scene

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GAME Of Thrones’ Catelyn Stark returned to the North in a bid to protect daughter Arya in a tragic deleted scene.

The Stark matriarch, played by Michelle Fairley in the hit TV series adaptation, was brutally murdered at the infamous Red Wedding, but it has now been revealed that she almost had a very different death.

Catelyn’s fate was very different in the original Thrones’ draft

Author George R. R. Martin, who wrote the books that Thrones is based on, has revealed that an original draft saw Catelyn take Arya and Bran to the Wall to try and seek shelter with the Night’s Watch after the Lannisters turned against them.

However, the men would have had to turn them away, having given up their titles, alliances, and family ties when they pledged themselves to the Wall – forcing Jon Snow to turn his back on the family that raised him.

In a moment of desperation, Catelyn would then have taken her youngest children beyond the Wall – where she’d have been set upon by evil Mance Rayder.

George wrote: “Abandoned by the Night’s Watch, Catelyn and her children will find their only hope of safety lies even further north, beyond the Wall, where they fall into the hands of Mance Rayder, the King-beyond-the-Wall, and get a dreadful glimpse of the inhuman others as they attack the wildling encampment.

Jon would have been forced to turn his family away
King-beyond-the-wall Mance Rayder would have taken Catelyn’s life

“Bran’s magic, Arya’s sword Needle, and the savagery of their direwolves will help them survive, but their mother Catelyn will die at the hands of the others.”

This storyline couldn’t have been further from the one that eventually did play out, and would have changed Bran and Arya’s story arcs dramatically.

Although Bran does end up being one of the few characters to go beyond the Wall in the story, he is separated from his family and dependent on Hodor, and Meera and Jojen who educate him on his Three-Eyed-Raven sight.

Bran learned his Three-Eyed-Raven sight beyond the Wall
Game Of Thrones : HBO
Arya may not have learned the skills she used to defeat the Night King

Meanwhile, Arya may not have gone to Braavos where she learned the skills of the Faceless Men that ultimately gave her the ability to defeat The Night King in the show’s final season.

The Red Wedding is also largely considered one of the most iconic scenes in the whole of Game of Thrones, and would not have been the same had Catelyn had headed North instead – if it featured at all.

The bloody nuptials  occurred in season three, when the family were betrayed by Walder Frey after Catelyn’s son Robb married Talisa instead of one of his daughters.

Catelyn was brutally murdered in The Red Wedding instead
The Freys also killed Robb, his wife Talisa, and her unborn child

Catelyn, Robb, and Talisa were all murdered – in addition to Talisa’s unborn child.

Horrified Catelyn was forced to watch all of the other deaths before she was killed herself, and fans of the TV series were later left disappointed when she didn’t return from the dead as Lady Stoneheart like she does in the books.

The fantasy novels brings Catelyn back to terrorise the Riverlands and slaughter anybody who is associated with those involved in her family’s murder, but showrunners decided not to include this storyline in the show.

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