Downton Abbey butler Jim Carter says a movie sequel is highly likely as there is ‘plenty of room for more’

Downton Abbey butler Jim Carter says a movie sequel is highly likely as there is ‘plenty of room for more’

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DOWNTON Abbey butler Jim Carter has teased a movie sequel saying: “There’s plenty of room for more.”

The acclaimed actor, who plays Mr Carson in the beloved drama, told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that the cast would love to return to the franchise.

Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter teases movie sequel as there’s ‘plenty of room for more’

He said: “The funny thing is Holly that people are already asking that and the movie isn’t even out yet. And we are thrilled people are asking.

“I think there is plenty of room for more, and I’ll be there. There is definitely potential and I think we’d be very happy to do it.”

This Morning filmed the show from Highclere Castle today, the setting for the fictional Downton Abbey.

Actors Jim Carter, Tuppence Middleton and Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith, joined the presenters to celebrate the movie’s release tomorrow.

Jim Carter revealed the cast would love to do a sequel of the Downton Abbey movie

The story kicks off in 1927 shortly before a royal visit from King George and Queen Mary.

It focuses on the ripple effects above and down below at the incredible stately home.

This Morning viewers learnt today that each series of Downton took six months to film – but the movie was filmed in just nine weeks.

The cast and crew had great weather and sunshine when they filmed earlier this year at Highclere castle and many of the stunning shots were taken using drones.

Speaking about wrapping up filming, Carter revealed he took it upon himself to give a speech on the final day, during the New Year’s Eve scene.

He told Phil and Holly: “I thanked everyone and as I looked at the crew and cast, I got quite a lump in my throat and I was really taken by surprise.”

Carter’s award-winning Imelda Staunton, 63, nabbed a role alongside her husband in the movie as Lady Bagshaw, one of Queen Mary’s ladies-in-waiting.

Speaking about going to work with his wife, he said: “It was wonderful.

“I think it was to save money on transport costs! One of the days we were departed by the King’s troops, the other day, we were at the opposite sides of the table.

“I never even got to serve her a glass of wine.”

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