Anti-democratic Remainers hope courts will do their dirty work to stop Brexit

Anti-democratic Remainers hope courts will do their dirty work to stop Brexit

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Remain rogues

ANOTHER victory for lavishly funded, anti-democratic Remainers who couldn’t stop Brexit at the ballot box but now hope courts will do their dirty work.

The Sun will not denigrate Scottish judges. But others ruled differently, there and in England, and the Supreme Court will ultimately decide if Boris Johnson suspended Parliament legitimately.

Anti-democratic Remainers hope courts will do their dirty work to stop Brexit
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We happen to believe he was entirely in the right. But why do Remain MPs want more time to sit anyway?

They blew their last day endlessly licking their pet Speaker’s backside, singing and waving infantile banners.

How could they afford such indulgences? Because they had already had ample time to set up their unelected pseudo-Government and pass a law making No Deal illegal.

What more do they want? Unless their real intention is to spend September trying to revoke Brexit without even bothering to ask voters.

Millions are wise to them.

Boris is a centre-ground, mainstream Tory trying to deliver what 17.4million people voted for. The Remainer establishment’s claims that he is a dictator flouting the law are confected drivel.

They are terrified of his popularity — with good reason.

Migrant sense

SO much for Boris, the “British Trump”. He doesn’t want to build a wall, he wants a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

And far from keeping migrants out, like the US President, he has unveiled his most liberal move yet.

Boris Johnson’s most liberal move yet has been binning tough controls on foreign students
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The Sun backs letting foreign students stay for two years after uni to find a job and enrich our economy and culture.

We believe in Britain as a home for the “brightest and the best”. It’s why we have called for Hong Kong’s finest ­talents to be fast-tracked for UK visas.

But we do have a couple of reservations: Where are the new homes for all those graduates? And how will the system ensure only real ones stay? It must not be a backdoor for low-skilled workers to cheat new post-Brexit controls.

Meanwhile illegal migrants must be prevented from crossing the Channel. Those that do must be rapidly deported.

The prospect of “taking back control” HAS softened public opinion on migrants.

That won’t last if “control” is a mirage.

Shelter them

IT is scandalous that four years after The Sun launched our Give Me Shelter ­campaign, domestic abuse victims are still being left homeless.

Successive Governments have backed us. Yet 309 women last year ended up sleeping rough. Some had to go back to their partners and were abused again.

Chancellor Sajid Javid has loosened the purse strings. It is time this Government fully funded refuges women need.

How about it, Saj?

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