Louis Tomlinson tried repeatedly to save tragic sister from drug habit before fatal cocaine overdose

Louis Tomlinson tried repeatedly to save tragic sister from drug habit before fatal cocaine overdose

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LOUIS Tomlinson tried to save his little sister’s life from her drug habit before she accidentally overdosed on cocaine.

The One Direction star took 18-year-old Felicite Tomlinson to drug addiction clinic appointments when she missed the sessions, desperately trying to help her get clean.

Louis Tomlinson had been supporting his little sister, with the pair sharing a close bond
Louis Tomlinson had been supporting his little sister, with the pair sharing a close bond
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Medics had rushed to help the teen but she tragically died
Felicite Tomlinson was found in her London flat in March this year after taking a cocktail of drugs

But the 27-year-old was left heartbroken when his teen sister was found “lifeless” at her West London flat in March this year – just four months after she left rehab early last year.

An inquest heard today how Felicite died from a “perfect storm” of cocaine, Xanax and oxycodone after struggling with addiction her whole life.

And her One Direction star brother had desperately tried to support her after her addiction spiralled out of control after the death of her mum Johannah Deakin in 2016.

Louis took his teen sister to a private OAD drug addiction clinic  on September 4 – a day after she had failed to turn up for an appointment there, the hearing was told.

The brother and sister, who were known to share a close bond, often spotted hanging around in London together after Felicite moved to the capital to be closer to Louis.

And the singer and X Factor judge desperately tried to keep a close eye on his sister, taking her to appointments and supporting her.

Prof D’Agnone told the inquest: “I spoke with her brother and he had advised that there should be a family member to check on her.”

And after Felicite returned from rehab in Egypt early after getting clean, Louis was there again to support her.

Prof D’Agnone told the inquest he had got a call from Louis’ PA, warning she had been rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with chest pain and was diagnosed with acid reflux.

But despite Louis and his family’s attempts to help Felicite, she continued to struggle with her health, including a diagnosis of ADHD, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, an eating disorder and poly-substance abuse. She also confessed at one point she had considered taking heroin.


Against doctor’s advice, the young woman from Doncaster left rehab early after getting drug free in November last year – once again getting in touch with friends who took drugs with her.

And on the morning of March 12, the aspiring fashion designer was tragically found lifeless with “white lips” after snorting cocaine with a friend the night before.

Medics rushed to save the aspiring fashion designer but it was too late and she was pronounced dead inside her West London flat.

Relatives were at the inquest today, however former One Direction star and X Factor judge Louis did not attend.

Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe, recording a misadventure verdict, said of the drugs: “It was a perfect storm, the oxycodone, the alpraxolam (Xanax) and cocaine.

“She was an individual who took drugs deliberately and has succumbed to their said effects accidentally.

“I find no evidence this was a deliberate act to end her life.”

During the inquest, Dr Paul Eulinger said in a statement: “She admitted she didn’t want to give up drugs and she knew it could kill her.”


The inquest heard the school friends had taken cocaine the night before the teen’s death.

In a harrowing testimony, Zainab said she didn’t know how many lines the 18-year-old had taken.

She told the inquest: “We both did lines. I went to bed and I saw Fizzy do more lines. I fell asleep.

“The alarm went off and Fizzy was beside me in the living room. I noticed that her lips were whiteish.”

Zainab called 999 and was told to put her on the floor and do CPR until medics arrived.

A post mortem didn’t reveal any natural cause of death, but toxicologist Dr Susan Paterson said “toxic” levels of Oxicodone as well as cocaine and Alpraxolam, or Zanax, were found in her blood.

IN HER WORDS Félicité Tomlinson spoke about depression and addiction before her untimely death

SHE was an aspiring fashion designer, much-loved sister with the world at her feet.

But Felicite Tomlinson, affectionately nicknamed Fizzy, was battling a drug addiction and PTSD after the death of her mother just three years ago.

And just months before hr death, the 18-year-old spoke about the stigma surrounding mental health and addiciton.

Writing online to her millions of followers, the teen said: “I think there is a lot of stigma around addiction and the disease of addiction is misunderstood.”

“Depression and anxiety is less stigmatised but there is still a lot of stigma around other mental illnesses.”

And replying to fans in January about depression, she told them: “Everyone struggles with things in life especially if they suffer a huge loss or life changing event …”

Felicite’s dad Mark Tomlinson, a trade sales officer, paid tribute to his “much loved daughter and sister” who had from an early age “established herself as mischievous and wonderful with children.”

Mr Tomlinson added: “Felicite had huge hopes and aspirations for her future, a lot of which were beginning to come to fruition at her untimely passing.

“She is missed by all who knew and loved her.”

Just days after her death, big brother Louis paid tribute to his teen sister, with a family source saying: “Felicite was an absolutely adored young woman who was loved by Louis and her whole family.

Felicite had huge hopes and aspirations for her future, a lot of which were beginning to come to fruition at her untimely passing.

Mark TomlinsonDad

“She was a lovable, caring, bright, passionate, popular and beautiful young lady.”

Louis had cancelled his appearance on the BBC’s Comic Relief broadcast after being told of his half-sister’s death.

Paying tribute at the time of her death, Felicite’s sister, Phoebe said: ” You were my best friend, sister, motivator and person that could make me laugh until I cried.”

Felicite, who had 404,000 Twitter followers, moved to the capital to develop her career in fashion and social media projects.

She was also planning to write a book.

Cocaine use has doubled in Britain in the last five years with more than a million Brits having used the class A drug in the last year.

Experts have warned the drug is becoming more socially acceptable, with many unaware of the consequences which can range from depression to prarnoia and suicidal thoughts.

That’s why The Sun launched its End Of The Line campaign earlier this year to raise awareness of the devastating impact even ‘casual’ use of the killer drug can have.

Louis Tomlinson’s sister Felicite Tomlinson died at just 18-years-old
Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe recorded a misadventure verdict over the 18-year-old’s death
The coroner said she had found no evidence that Felicite had deliberately ended her life
Louis’ mum Johannah had battled leukaemia but succumbed to the disease in December 2016



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